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8+ Raffle Ticket Template

Free Download Best Raffle Ticket Template Designs

So, when it comes to business, marketing can be in many forms. Including promoting your company using a raffle ticket template. This is one of the best ways to introduce your business to people.

raffle ticket templates

What Is A Raffle Ticket?

A raffle ticket is basically a gambling competition. The ticket will be numbered and it has a chance to win the prize. To see who wins the raffle, a person will draw some random numbers and match it with every copy being held by the audience.

raffle ticket templatess 1

Since you will use the raffle ticket for business, the ticket should speak more about your company. It should have an exclusive design and bring important information about your business.

If you are thinking about the interesting design for the promotional event, or just in case you need a little inspiration, you can download our raffle ticket template. It can be adjusted as you want including adding details about your business.

Our templates are all free and you don’t need to sign up or pay. Customize our designs for free here and save your time for other important things.

Who Can Use The Raffle Ticket Templates?

Actually, the raffle templates are not only for business. This can work to promote your organization. Some people also use this for charity in case an important cause.

So, if you are looking for designs that fit your budget plan, you are in the right place. This page brings the free-cost template. It is easy too to print out the raffle ticket directly as it is available in Word document.

What Are The Benefits of Using Our Template

Our templates are designed to look premium with its modern and easy customization. You can add relevant details on it, as you wish. There are many designs that provide space for your business.

raffle ticket

Our templates are available online and they are all free on this page. You can simply download and set your own design. There are many remarkable templates you can use for certain promotion too.

How To Design The Raffle Ticket?

Designing now is easier. Because the tickets are relatively small, add the most information in the ticket. This can be the name of your company and contact details. Besides, don’t forget to mention what the company is about.

Legal Issues Related With The Online Raffles

In some states, a raffle can be illegal since it is considered as the lottery and gambling. Nonprofit organizations are all required to make a report with the payout at least above 300 times of the wager, prize and minus the wager.

sample raffle ticket sampleraffle2 soccer charity match raffle merged beautiful raffle ticket templates bkhs raffle ticket templates

This also relates to taxes. If the prize more than $5,000 then this organization must withhold 25% of this income and report the amount. This includes the non-cash prize. If it is equal with $5,000 you should do the same thing. If it is related to the business, then the pay tax should be related to the income. So, keep in mind you always update the information about the state your raffle will be launched.

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