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5+ Quote Sheet Template

Steal Your Future Client’s Attention with Quote Sheet Template

When we are about to do the transactions process for our business, quote sheet template is a requisite document in obtaining the orders and payment system. The contents in quote sheet can also reflect your professionalism in front of your future clients. Let’s find out more about quote sheet!

Sample Quote Sheet Template Free Download Pdf

What are the Main Contents of Quote Sheet?

Different type of business definitely needs different type of quote sheet template. Whatever template that you apply in your company, please keep an eye on those main contents in order to give a well-presented quote sheet for your clients. Here are five examples of those principal items:

  1. You should never, ever forget the company’s name
  2. Include the day you organize the quote sheet
  3. Information of the recipient’s contact
  4. The shipping cost
  5. Product’s cost

Kinds of Quote Sheet Template Explained

  1. Product quote template. You may find the version that is friendly to Microsoft Excel or Word. The layout of this quote sheet template is simply manageable. In this template, you will find two set of tables. The first table presents all things related to shipping and payment. Then, the second table presents the numbers of items, the price of each item, and the possible discount.
  2. Professional quote sheet. This template is well-performed in Excel app. This is made for those who want to achieve a more professional look of the document. This template also consists of two set of tables because it covers two elements. The elements are cost of materials used and the cost of labors involved. Then, on the top part of the quote sheet, you will find the total cost of each element.
  3. Purchase order form. You will need this template in order to continue the payment process for purchasing the necessary item for your project. Usually, it has the options of payment method and the tables for listing the things for running the project in your company.
  4. Group quotation sheet. For people who have plan on travelling with large number of participants, you definitely need this quote sheet template. With this template, you will have space for the destinations and the preferences of each member of the trip.

Sample Quote Sheet Template PDF Free Download Sample Auto Quote Sheet Template Sample Free Download Quote Sheet Template Pdf Sample Home Insurance Quote Form

There are numerous of quote sheet template that can be adjusted to your business’ needs. Remember to pay attention every detail related to ordering and purchasing to look more presentable for external party.

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