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5+ Project Sheet Template

Projecting your Success with Project Sheet Template

In every production process, every company must have a guideline. The purpose of this guideline is to deliver the details related to production, such as budget, duration, and requirement of quality. Those details are recorded in a document called project sheet template.

Sample Project Status Sheet Template

Projection Tool for Your Project

Project sheet is a statement that shows brief illustration of project’s properties. Furthermore, it also shows the main limitation of certain projects. After that, project sheet also contains product’s facts, the scope of a project, and the goal of a project. Project sheet is mostly used during the project initiation stage.

Sample Sample Project Sheet Template Pdf Free Download

Various Kinds of Project Sheet Template

  1. Basic Sheet Template. The interface of this template is pretty simple. It only consists of tables and information related to the project, the name of project manager, start date, deadline, and name of the team lead. Furthermore, this project sheet template has a table that consists of six sections. Those sections are description of each task, duration of each task, person in charge, and the priority level.
  2. Project worksheet template. The layout of this template is quite similar to the basic one. However, it only relies on the activities and duration of each activity.
  3. Project cover sheet template. Since it is a cover page, it only covers the narrative aspect of the project. The narrative aspects showed in this template are project’s concise explanation, the project’s objective, members of the project, and the methodology.
  4. Movie project sheet. For all aspiring moviemakers out there, this project sheet template might suit your need. The content of this project sheet is similar to other project sheets, such as the synopsis of the movie, target audience, the purpose of making it, and the duration of production.
  5. Project budgeting planner. Like the name suggests, the costs and their calculation are the key contents of this project sheet template. The categories of budget can be inserted depends on your company condition.
  6. The term sheet. Sometimes, there are projects that rely on numerous technical issues. This term sheet has an ability to guide the project executors in running the project. This also to keep the new employees informed with all things related to project management.

Sample Free Download Project Sheet Template Pdf Sample Project Data Sheet Template Sample Project Planning Sheet Template

Keeping a projection form is mandatory for creating the outstanding project. It gives us a picture of a project-planning process. It can motivate us to give our best for our upcoming project.

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