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7+ Project Evaluation Checklist Template

Project evaluation is a systematic marking to measure the success of an ongoing or already completed project. The aim of this assessment is to find out the success rate as well as the effectiveness of a certain project. Objectively this process will be done by a team of independent assessors. There are certain criteria that are measured that can be seen in the project evaluation checklist template below.

Sample Project Evaluation Checklist for Construction

The Relevance of the Project

A team of independent assessors must start from the very beginning to evaluate a certain project. The first thing of the project evaluation checklist template to be evaluated is the relevance of the project to the needs and priorities of all parties. The project should have a strategic approach and a means of how to achieve it.

Project Design

After the relevance of the project has been assessed, the next item to be measured is project design. The validity of the project design must be assessed objectively by a team of an independent assessors. The design should be logical and realistic. It also has to be coherent with the objectives and goals of the project. Project design is key for the project to run smoothly and stay on its path.

Speed of the Project

One of the essentials of project evaluation is to measure the effectiveness of how the project is running. Project progress should be assessed by how many tasks meet the deadline and how many tasks need overtime. The assessor should also investigate which immediate objectives are achieved in a certain amount of time. They should take into importance which objective is relative to more importance.

Sample Project Planning Evaluation Checklist

Efficiency of Resource

Assessing the efficiency of the resource is the next point of the project evaluation checklist template. In this stage, an independent team of the assessor should determine how resources such as funds and time are converted into results in an effective way. Lack of efficiency can cause a major problem in a project as it will delay progress and weaken the overall end result.

Management Arrangements

In order to avoid ineffectiveness, management arrangements should be assessed for project evaluation. Management capacities should support the project to achieve the best result and not the other way around. Best management arrangements will turn into an effective project and the best end result.

Environment Sustainability

The last item on the project evaluation checklist template is one of the essential points to be assessed. A successful project could be environmentally sustainable to ensure its significant contribution to broader and longer developmental changes. The project should support the environment around it and create support for positive change. It should also be durable and can be maintained for a long time in the future.

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That was all the project evaluation checklist template that need to be completed in the project evaluation agenda. Although it seems to be the project manager’s duty to maintain a successful project, it is actually a combined effort of all project members, vendors, stakeholders, and the board of directors. The project evaluation helps them to ensure all objectives are set and achieved by the end of the project.

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