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10+ Progress Note Template

Free Download Samples and Progress Note Template

A progress note is an essential document created by health physicians to observe the patient’s progress and see the clinical status. It is also considered as the client’s history file that is usually written in a standardized format such as SOAP. There are the treatment history and understandable patient’s status so it is easy for a different physician to understand the information. Furthermore, the progress note comes in many kinds of purposes. This is why we created the progress note template to help physicians, social workers, nurses, and doctors make a deep record of their patients.

soap progress note templates

What Are The Difference Between Progress Note and Psychotherapy Note?

For years we have been debating the difference between progress note and psychotherapy note. As we mentioned before, writing the progress requires standard format; Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan. This includes diagnosis, symptoms, and treatments. In addition, progress not has specific guidelines.

Baseline Progress Note templates

The psychotherapy note is ruled under HIPAA which is purposed for the mental health professional to analyze and document the private counseling sessions. However, the psychotherapy notes exclude the medication prescription as well as monitoring. This note also excludes the treatment frequency, stop times, treatment, modality, clinical test and others.

There is no style or format required in the notes but it generally contains the items we mentioned before.

So, let’s get back to the progress notes template. This template gives the main foundation of communication between patient and also care providers. This is why the document is essential and become mandatory even though it is the short term patients. In the future, this can be the doctor’s reference to decide the best treatment of a disease. Maybe the patients have allergies to certain medications or others.

How To Write A Progress Note Template?

As we mentioned before, the progress note will be based on the SOAP format that includes the following details:

  • Subjective – This section will explain the patients’ current condition such as the reason why they are hospitalized. The health physicians usually will write down notes about the patients’ description of the sickness. This might certain symptoms like cold, swelling, nausea or others.
  • Objective – This includes objective observation such as heard, seen, measurable, smelt symptoms. It is important to check the temperature, pulse, swelling and diagnostic results.
  • Assessment – This is about the diagnosis of the patients which can be several or single diagnoses.
  • Plan – This sections can be the treatments performed, medication, tests ordered, referrals or even follow up directions.

The progress note templates will not only help you writing the patient’s health report but also help you not to miss out every detail which is very important for the next medication.

client progress note templates electronic progress note templates example of progress note templates medical progress note templates patient progress note templates printable progress note templates progress note templates progress note templates2

Our template is designed for different purposes and it is customizable that you can edit it as you need. It is efficient for you and helps other physicians understand your notes better when you are not in charge. Download our template now! It is free and no need to send your email.

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