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7+ Profit Loss Statement

Free Download Editable Profit Loss Statement All Formats

The profit and loss statement is one of the most important instruments in business. This will help the company a lot from understanding the total earning until predict the future trend of a certain product. Besides, this is mandatory when it comes to an auditing and tax purpose. You will have so many understanding in terms of revenues, expenses, and sales.

Profit and Loss Statement Example

Do We Really Need Profit Loss Statement?

This sounds trivial when it comes to a report especially if you don’t need money from a bank or investor to fund your business. However, starting writing down the financial statements will help you a lot when making decisions.

Profit and Loss Statement Excel

When Do You Need Profit and Loss Statement?

There are two types of profit and loss statement that will define also when you will need it.

  • Perioding P&L- This report will prepare and also review your financial statement periodically. Usually, the small company opts for quarterly. This is a great way of preparing the tax return.
  • Pro Forma P&L – If you are new to the business, you will need the Pro Forma P&L which will project the future chance. If you are already running a business for a long time, you will still need this document when you are running new projects.

What Information Will You To Prepare Profit Loss Statement?

Keep in mind that mostly the information of the statements come from the 1st year monthly budget. This also comes from the estimated calculation of tax advisor. In short, you will need the following aspect:

  • The list of the transaction – This sections will explain any kind of transaction in your business from the checking account or credit cards.
  • Petty Cash Transactions – This section talks about the cash transaction that you have the receipts too.
  • Income – Of course you will need an income section in your profit loss statement to know all the sources income.
  • Discounts or Returns – You will need such information that talks about reductions from discounts and returns.

How To Make Periodic Profit and Loss Statement?

  • First of all, you need to break down the business net income quarterly or annually. You can break it down into sections so you will see from where your income comes from.
  • List the expenses of your business quarterly or annually. But keep in mind to show the expense in the percentage of sales.
  • The next step is comparing and showing the difference between expense and sales earnings. This is well-known as the EBITDA which this earning is a number before taxes, depreciation, interest and also amortization.
  • The last step is subtracting the business debt with the EBITDA.
  • List the tax income and then subtract it
  • List the amortization and depreciation and then subtract it with the net income.

Profit and Loss Statement For Self Employed Profit and Loss Statement For Small Business Profit and Loss Statement templates Sample Profit and Loss Statement Organizational Profit and Loss Statement

There are many aspects to be considered when you want to write the profit-loss statement. Therefore, to make it quick we made you a good template that can ease your work. Our template is understandable even for the one who is new in the business report.

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