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9+ Product Sheet Templates

Product Sheet Templates: CVs for Products

Every product surely possesses specific characteristics. This is what makes every product is unique. Then, in order to introduce its uniqueness to public, you are going to need some help from this particular equipment. That’s right; you’re going to use product sheet templates.

Sample Portable Product Sheet

Product Sheet Defined

Product sheet is a kind of file that contains attributes related to technical issue and a product’s performance. Besides these two things, product sheet also contains information of machinery, materials, and other production pieces.

What to Notice in Organizing Product Sheet

In organizing product sheet templates, there are two things that should be kept in our mind. They are accuracy and explanatory. If I may say, it’s like a CV where you show your educational background and your best skills. The purpose of product sheet is to describe a product and what are the features that this product could possibly have. This document is crucial for attracting potential customers.

Sample Product Data Sheet Template

Varying Types of Product Sheet Templates

  1. Product sales sheet template. The purpose of this template is to inform the sales progress of some products. This template consists of seven sections in total. They are the products’ ID, the products’ type or name, bulk price, retail price, unit sold in both bulk and retail, and the total of sales.
  2. Product marketing sheet. In selling the product, the product description and the target are the inseparable part of this template. Besides those two elements, the product sheet templates also include the brief manual operation and benefits of a certain product.
  3. Product cost sheet template. This product sheet gives detailed information about production cost. It usually presents the material types and the price of each material. Then, it also mentions the cost of factory.
  4. Fact sheet. As the name suggests, it informs us about the actual data of products. This fact sheet begins with the summary of a product. After that, the sheet is continued with the list of products (if they mention several products at once). Then, these products are explained further by mentioning the kind of product, the specialty of the product, and how this product becomes the solution.

Sample Product Evaluation Sheet Sample Product Fact Sheet Sample Product Information Sheet Sample Product Sheet for Software Sample Cost Sheet for Product Sample Free Product Sheet Sample Marketing Product Sheet

These product sheet templates are beneficial for giving us knowledge about a product’s characteristics. Then, we can also acknowledge the progress in producing something. For the future customers, a sheet of product explanation might help them making the decision to purchase a product.

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