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6+ Privacy Act Cover Sheet Template

Privacy Act Cover Sheet: Concealer for the Confidential

There are certain kinds of document that shouldn’t be disclosed to public. Usually, the document is remained confidential in order to protect the involved parties. This confidential file should be protected with privacy act cover sheet because the data might include personally identifiable information or PII.

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The Definition and Its Ability

Privacy act cover sheet is a tool that useful for identifying and securing the hard files that contain personally identifiable information or PII. According to NIST, PII is any form of information that considered beneficial for discovering the identity of certain individuals. The information might include name, educational information, and record of biometrics.

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The Perfect Moment to Put the Shield On

Files that include PII might have undergone some distribution process. In order to ensure the security of these documents, you may put the cover sheet on them. Here are the moments where the cover sheet is needed the most.

  1. When you fetch the files by your hand. Bringing files with your hand might increase the visibility of them. To anticipate this situation, don’t forget to put the privacy act cover sheet on the top of PII-contained documents. Then, you will have your file being safe and sound.
  2. When you have your thing on the desk. The case is quite similar to the hand-carried files. Some people might unconsciously take a glance of these undisclosed documents, so please ensure that the cover sheet sits nicely on the top of your documents.
  3. When you are about to save the files in various kinds of containers. There are some ways that you might apply for attaching the privacy act cover sheet. You might attach the cover sheet with the file itself, put the cover sheet in front of each folder, or stick it to the container’s doors. One thing that should be kept in mind, please choose the lockable containers to guarantee your file’s safety.
  4. The process of mailing the files. This occurs when you send files via post. You should put the cover sheet on the envelope. Then, put another introductory sheet inside the files. The final step, ensure that the documents are double-wrapped with envelopes.

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There are some files that meant to be hidden to guarantee the data owner’s privacy because of the personalized contents that included in documents. The privacy act cover sheet is a compulsory instrument to help you protecting the confidential files.

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