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7+ Print Release Form Template

Free Download Print Release Form for Your Digital Business

What Is A Print Release Form?

A print release form is essential for photographers. Or, if you are an image artist, you really need this form to protect your masterpiece from intellectual property theft. This will allow you to have copyright registration and acts as proof of your work. This document will also allow the clients to reprint or reproduce your artwork for different personal use. In this document, the terms and conditions should be set to inform the holders that the artwork can be used only in a certain way, including for the commercial purpose. You can even mention the editing rule and credit whenever your clients release your image, even through social media.

On this page, we provide you a number of print release form formats that can help you secure your artwork in an easy way. You can use this form for a website or for companies that are looking for masterpieces and artworks with such permissions.

If you are working on a photography works, the chance of having issues will be greater for privacy and also personal reputation. Typically, most pictures or artwork will be used for commercial purpose. Therefore this document will help you make it clear.

There are many benefits of using this document for people who are working with photography or things related to images. For example, some clients might ask a photo session and then they receive the digital copies. However, it doesn’t mean they have the copyright of the photo. In this case, the copyright owner is the photographer unless this issue has been cleared out by the photographer to whom the copyright of the images will be owned.

In this situation, clients still get many benefits from the print release, which they are able to:

  • Print the works or their season unlimitedly
  • Post the pictures on the social media (if it is stated)
  • Print it for Christmas card (if it is stated)
  • Keep this file forever

Meanwhile, the photographer will be so many advantages such as:

  • The clients are unable to violate the copyright in any capacity
  • You can prevent commercial use by the clients when you are not intending to this matter
  • Preserve your integrity in your industry
  • You are able to own your images even though you give it to the clients and allow them to post it on social media. In this case, the copyright is still yours and you will get some credits.

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We all know that the photography, picture, painting or other image industries have shifted to the digital platform. This is beneficial because we get our artwork popular soon and there is no limitation for people to see your masterpiece, even from around the world. However, which such easiness, it has a big hole that your work will be copied and claimed by another person that causes so many disadvantages. Therefore, this print release form is the crucial art for this field. Make sure you always provide this form for your clients to protect your rights and copyrights.

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