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Pre Layoff Checklist Template

There are times when life surprise you, for example, being laid off from your current job. Being laid off might seem bad and there are nothing you can do about the situation or your employer’s decision. However sometimes there might be signs of you being laid off soon. If the signs of lay off has been showing from your employer, it is now up to you to prepare for it. Below is pre layoff checklist that can be useful for you.

Research Your Next Step

Upon hearing of your lay off from current employment, you must move on to the next part of your journey. Finding a new employment must be the first thing on your pre layoff checklist. However, make sure to never search for new jobs on your current job as your employer might keep tabs on your call and browser history.

Check Your Leftover Leave Time

Discover sick and vacation time you have left on your current employment and utilize them before your employment ends. You can start to research whether they can be cashed out or must be fully used. If it cannot be cashed out, use them as means to seek for new employment or to take a break in general before it expires.

Prepare to Negotiate Compensation

Whether you are being laid off for budget cutting or for any other reason, you must find out company’s policies on compensation or severance money. Negotiating compensation is an important point in your pre layoff checklist as it is within your rights if it is included in your contract.

Some companies may provide you career counseling or resume help instead of severance pay. Contact you HR department to know your rights and do not be afraid to ask around to your coworkers.

Clear Up Your Digital Spaces

Once your layoff has been announced to you, start cleaning up your digital spaces. This includes clearing your email account and the personal emails you may have. Clean up your computer files and transfer them to your personal storage. You should also clean up your desks and lockers and ensure that none of your personal belongings are left behind.

Maintain Networking with Colleagues

Finishing your journey in a company does not mean losing contact with the people you know along the way. Keep contact and maintain your network with current colleagues just in case for future opportunities. Your colleagues are the people you see every day and they know your work performance, thus they can be your reference to seek new opportunities in new places.

Sample Your Works

Last but not least on pre layoff checklist is to not lose the projects or works you have done. If it is not prohibited or classified, take sample of your best projects on your current employment to build a better portfolio. Collect your performance reviews from HR department for your own professional records.

Pre Layoff Checklist Template Pre Layoff Checklist Template1

All in all, being laid off can be frustrating or a new challenge depends on how you see and prepare for it. Take notes and cross off the items on pre layoff checklist and never lose a new opportunity for better future.

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