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8+ Prayer Request Form Template

Free Download Prayer Request Form

There are times we are feeling down, hopeless and sad. Even you can’t make it anymore because you are so stressed out. But you shouldn’t worry anymore because everyone also experiences that stage. There is only one thing you can do when experiencing this moment. He is God, the one who will give you answer, comfort and becomes your light in the middle of darkness. So, what you have to do? You just need to call him and you will feel better. You can download our prayer request form for free. The templates are customizable and printable that you can use it anytime you want.

prayer request form 001

Why Do You Need To Make Prayer Request Form?

There are many benefits when you write your prayer request. Here are some of them you might need to know:

It Will Help Us Remember God’s Answer

We often about this that God always has answers to the prayers. Then we become lazy and give up and stop praying. Writing down the prayer will help us remember that God is working on his way. We might need to wait some more to get the greatest answer from God.

This Will Remind Us Not To Give Up Easily

Many people stop praying because they think they don’t see an answer and always see praying is a total bulls*t. But we should not forget this. Some prayer requests haven’t got the answer and God is working the best way. He wants us to wait and be patient so we will appreciate and be thankful more. So, look when we are hungry and we should wait for the food for so long to be ready. Then, as we are so hungry, our food is already served and we taste it very good. The food is so delicious even though it is just simple food. So, this is the analogy of how we are waiting for God’s answer. He wants us to wait.

It Highlights Folks Who Need Soul Attention

Praying for someone will make your heart more attentive. You can schedule a visit by using this template.

The Prayer Request Note Reminds You To Pray For People

Keeping your praying request will help you remember to pray for someone and also to follow up with the person who is needing the attention.

Prayer request form 002 rdo ministry prayer request form shawl request GOPformtoprint Parents Prayer Request 17 1 PRAYER LIST REQUEST FORM FOR NARTHEX Prayer Request Form

Praying is another way to talk to God. It is a sacred moment to express your gratitude, to rely on your powerlessness and to ask Him help. Here are some tips you can do to have better praying.

  • Stop your activity – If you are talking to someone, you will never agree if he/she ignores you or is doing another activity while listening to you. It is the same thing when you are talking to God. Close your eyes while praying to God, or do in a certain way you are comfortable.
  • Say thank you to God – God loves you more when you are becoming thankful for what you have got. It is also good for your mental health as you become more grateful, you will get more blessings.
  • Tell your wish – It is OK to ask specific things, and you can tell God to help you and lift your burden.

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