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2+ Physical Exam Form

Free Download Physical Exam Form In All Format with Most Relevant Questions

A physical exam is one of the essential things in any doctor’s visit. Many companies require physical exams to candidates in case they are suffering from certain diseases that will disturb their performance in the near future. In general, all people are required to do this to make sure they have good health. This can be the preventive steps which later will allow you to do vaccinations or detect serious health condition. In the routine physical, the doctors will check the vital things including heart rate, blood pressure, and weight. For this purpose, we provide you physical exam form to ease your work.

employee physical exam form

Why Include In A Physical Exam?

Updating Health History

The doctors sometimes will ask you to update the change of your health development. This will relate with the relationship, job, allergies, recent surgeries and any kind of supplements you have been taking.

Vital Check Signs

The physical exam will examine the blood pressure, heart rate and also your respiratory. Once a year, your blood pressure should be checked but it depends on your history too.

Visual Exam

The visual exam is also a part of this procedure that your doctor will check the body parts visually to know if there are some part that indicating health problems. The physical exam will include eyes, chest, head, abdomen, musculoskeletal system, wrists and hands and also nervous system functions.

Physical Exams

As the exams are continued, your doctor will check other body parts from ears, eyes, nose, and throat. They will also listen to your lungs and hearts that will include:

  • Palpating or touching the part of the body including the abdomen to know if there are abnormalities.
  • Check your nails, hair, and skin.
  • Examining the rectum and genitalia.
  • Testing the reflexes and motor functions.
  • Laboratory Tests

The last procedure in the physical exam is a laboratory test. The doctors will draw your blood and ask you to do several tests which include a complete metabolic panel and blood count. This is done to see whether you have problems with immune system, liver, kidneys and blood chemistry. Requesting a diabetes screen and thyroid screen is also possible.

What To Prepare Before A Physical Examination

A proper physical examination will give you proper prevention and medication. The following is the things you need to do:

  • The current medication you take (list of over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements)
  • List of symptoms
  • A recent result from relevant tests
  • Surgical history
  • The contact information of doctors you have ever seen
  • Bring the copy of implanted device like defibrillator and pacemaker

Who Can use The Physical Exam Form?

Our physical exam form can be used in any kind of need. You can download the templates in this page for free and instantly. To prepare the physical exam, now you don’t need an assist from your doctor because, in this template, we have the standard relevant question. So, you don’t have to go to the hazzle. This is why whenever you need to have this document whether it is for personal use or a company, you can download our templates.

general physical exam form

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