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13+ Pay Stub Template Excel

Easiest and Effortless Ways to Create Your Own Pay Stub Template Excel

If you are working in a business and have a task to make pay stub template excel for your employee and it is a new thing for you, you may take a look in this article. We will provide an effortless way for you that you can practice easily. This won’t take a long time so you can do it whenever you need.

Payroll calculator with pay stubs templates

But first, why we need to create the template? The answer is that it will make your work easier. Imagine that you have more than ten employees and would like to send the pay stub. The template will help you in the future for the same purpose because you may just enter the name of your employee.

Effortless Guide on Making Pay Stub Template Excel

Before we begin to make it, you should make sure that you are aware of how to use Microsoft Excel. We will use Excel so you can easily make it because it has the column. And now, it is time to work on it!

  1. Make your Text Box

Open your Excel and start to make a text box using the “Insert” menu. At this time, draw your own text box on the spreadsheet. You may draw it unspecific because we will fix it later. Right-click the border of your drawn text box and select the menu Format Shape.

In this part, this is where you begin to create your own pay stub template excel. Select “Size” to start building it and enter the number that you want. Please familiarize yourself with the options and don’t enter the wrong number. There are height and width boxes, make sure you enter the right number.

  1. Knowing what you should write

The first thing you should write in this pay stub template excel here is your company’s name. It is important because your payment is official. It is proof of official payment you made. Not only the company’s name but also put the business or your department office that will issue this check.

The next to write is the date. When you are done writing it, just press Enter.  Another thing to add is your director’s name, his/her department and the job title. This is a name for whoever issued the check. If it is you, then just write your name and your department. Do not forget to press Enter when you did your writing.

PayRoll Payslip templates

The last thing to write in this pay stub template excel is “Approved by”, “paid by,” and “Signed”. Remember to put this in the bottom of the document. If you need to add more, just please to put the cursor in the column you would like to edit.

  1. Use logo

If you want to use your logo, you can add it by using Insert menu and then select “Picture”. Select your picture such as your company’s logo. Place it in the area that suitable. Don’t forget to edit it

Tips for Your Pay Stub Template

These tips are to help you make your own template or edit it from the online template.

  1. Prioritize to the essential information

When you try to download an online pay stub template Excel, make sure that it is editable so you can put your own essential information. Some are including the name of the employer, employee’s information such as social security number, and some information about the company is needed.

  1. Accessible

When you choose an online template, make sure it is editable and accessible for future purpose. Any template should help you simplify your work. No more hassle by using

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Whatever pay stub template excels types that you need; you can now find and edit it on your own.

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