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5+ Painting Estimate Templates

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Renovation project might be the most daunting task as you have to make plans and estimate the budget. One of the most tricky work when it comes to estimation is the painting job. This job needs an excellent look at details and it is very difficult to price the bid. But once you beat this challenge, everything will be so much easier.  Therefore, to help you make a quick plan, our painting estimate template will be so much suitable for you.

Painting Estimate templates Example

Our painting estimate template comes in tabulated for sections. Our templates are usually used by painting businesses that they can use for quotation too to estimate the work cost. So, if you are running this business, you will find your work easier now as you could help your customer to make an estimation.


How To Make Painting Estimates?

Discuss It

A homeowner and the painting service need to discuss the area that needs to be repainted. Certain exteriors might cost more than what we expect. For a homeowner, you can ask the price per square with certain coats to finish it. You should also calculate the space. Usually, a gallon of primer or paint can cover 400 square feet.

Decide The Color

You need to decide the color of the exterior and the interior walls. This will determine the coats when you paint different shades which of course can affect the price.

Determine The Tools

It is important to determine the tools you need for finishing the work, such as paint pans, painter’s tape and also brushes. Certain things like old paper to cover the floor so you don’t need to clean up the mess are important too.

Time Estimation

Figure out the time estimation especially the time for taking off the tape especially near the windows and electrical outlets. You probably need to do extra work. That means you might need more money to pay for another service. Certain things like scrapping off, equipment and trash removal. You can ask beforehand.

Time estimation also relates to job estimation. Maybe some service provides hourly or lump sum rate. Usually, customers prefer the lump sum to avoid excessive budgeting.

Estimate It In Details

Make an estimation in details about the labor cost, tools, and paint. For you who are planning to run a painting business, such details like this will be needed.


How To Do Painting Business?

There are many factors to not when you want to open the painting business. One of them is providing the painting estimation. You can download the painting estimate template and write down the details there. Several things bellow will be the main concern:

Figuring out the paintwork cost that includes the tools, materials and labor costs.

  • Ater that you can do mark up your price to gain profit. without doing this, you might have certain expenses. In the markup session, you should add insurance, profit margin, warranty fund and any stuff that need to bring on. Marketing and sales costs are included too.
  • Next, write down all details to the painting estimate templates so you can figure out how much you can charge your customer.

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