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20+ Packing List Template for Business and Moving

14 Things to make a Good Packing List Template for Business and Moving

There are many steps to do after you receive the order. It is such as the processing, announce the customer that the items are on the way. Then, you start to send it along with the packing list. With the packing list template, you can give the detail of the item well. So, your customers will not feel that you cheat them. It is because they can use the list to match the condition of the item with their order. A good packing list template must be readable for the receiver.


3 Main Important Benefits of the Packing List Template for You and the Customers

Without the packing list, your business will not run well. It is important to the existence of your business. With the packing list template:

  1. You will record the list of the item which you will send.
  2. Ease your customer to check the item list from you or the seller.
  3. It can be evidence that their item is suitable to their order.


Definitely, you need the best template to pack your purchase. The best template for you is the online software helping to make it faster without waste many times. It is so easy if you explore the available template list. Choose the option that is appropriate to your business standard and makes the batch print. Commonly, you will always need it each time you send your item to the customer.

Pleasure Tips to Design your Packing List

Making the online packing list template may be more exciting for everyone including you. It helps you to manage everything in your business. Even, it eases you to solve the troubles and the movement. However, it is not impossible if you will make it yourself without software. You only quite follow 6 steps to make it easily:

  1. First, open a blank document or a piece of paper.
  2. Make bullet points for everything you need.
  3. Mention the parts of the item you are sending later.
  4. State the types of items you ship for example equipment, electronics, clothing, etc.
  5. Start by making a list of all the things in your item.
  6. After that, cross checks all the items and make sure you don’t miss something important.

You should know that each packing list always comes along with a commercial invoice. It is an invoice from the export organization on the orders of the owner. They make this Invoice based on purchase orders sent by customers. The point is to declare the details of the shipment to the customs department. In addition, it facilitates the process of checking shipments.

Apparently, there are some things which you must pay attention to make the packing list. Your list must cover:

  1. Complete information from the shipper
  2. Complete information on the recipient of the shipment
  3. Invoice number
  4. Delivery date
  5. Order number and date
  6. Country or place of shipment
  7. Country or place of shipment of goods
  8. Terms of delivery
  9. Terms of payment
  10. Number of packages
  11. Nature of package
  12. Detailed item information such as weight, value etc.
  13. Statement
  14. Sign with the seal

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As your information, the packing list template is useful for moving from one place to another. You should pack all of the items according to your priority. Check and enter it according to the category. Add a new category for some unimportant things. Then, check again the completeness of the good. Okay, good luck for your business or your new living.

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