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9+ Packing Checklist Template

Are you going to travel to a new city or a new country soon? The prospect of discovering new places and meeting new people is not something you can encounter every day. However, before you embark on a new traveling journey, there are some packing to do. Packing is essential for every traveler, whether they are a regular traveler or a newbie traveler. Below is a packing checklist that can be utilized by every traveler.

Sample Moving Packing Checklist

Pack Proper Clothes

Before packing your clothes for your holiday, you have to fully understand the weather of your destination. If you are going to a tropical place, you need to pack clothes with bright colors and avoid dark colors such as black as it absorbs heat. If you are going to a cold place, make sure to pack extra clothes, so you keep warm.

Sample Newborn Packing Checklist

Other than the weather, you have to consider the customs of the destination you are going to. Find out if the places you are visiting demand certain dress codes or prohibits specific colors. There are countries where it is necessary to cover certain body parts such as shoulders or head. Make sure that you follow the local custom in the place you are visiting.

Bring Basic Toiletries

The second item in your packing checklist is to bring basic toiletries. You might get them to your hotel room. However, not all people can use toiletries provided by hotels. If you are traveling with a significant other or friends, it might be convenient to bring travel size of soap, shampoo, and facial wash to save some space in your luggage.

Sufficient Health and Emergency Supplies

When you are away from home, there might be some small emergency or health problem that happened to you. Be prepared as you might not get your medicine at the local drug store. Make sure you bring an extra bag for your prescribed medicine, vitamins, or supplement so you can still maintain your health while traveling.

Keep Your Memories

During traveling, especially to the places you have not been to before, you must want to take pictures or videos as mementos. Aside from your phone, make sure you bring a camera or go pro to keep your memories stored. Do not forget to bring an extra memory card and an extra charger for those who love taking pictures on a camera!

Sample Packing For College Checklist

Set Aside Extra Cash

It is important to be prepared than sorry, especially in the financial area. To avoid getting a hassle, set aside extra cash separated from your wallet. This is in the case of your wallet get stolen or lost when you are away from your hotel. Bringing back your wallet might take a while, and this extra cash can help you get by in case of an emergency.

Carry On Bag Essentials

A carry-on bag is essential if you are traveling from one place to another. Some of the essentials on your carry-on bag are wallet, phone, chapstick and lotion, sunglasses, and water bottle.

Sample Summer Camp Packing Checklist Sample Travel Packing Checklist Sample Vacation Packing Checklist Sample Beach Packing Checklist Sample College Packing Checklist Sample Cruise Packing Checklist

Those are a few packing checklists that will be beneficial for both regular travelers and first-time travelers. Once you are all packed and ready to go, always beware of your belongings to avoid unnecessary hassle during your travel

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