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10+ Overtime Sheet Template

Working means taking an important part in the community to participate in constructive development. Sometimes all employees are required to be able to achieve what the company targets. Often employees have to work overtime which is more than the allotted time. Work overtime will become a good effort to achieve the target with the overtime payment. The employee will require an overtime sheet template.

Sample Microsoft Word 2010 Overtime Sheet Template Download

Every time there is overtime working, they can fill the slip payment. This overtime payment will stimulate them to work harder and give the best shot for the target. This kind of slip is available on many internet websites. You can just download it for free to get the overtime payment. There will be valuable information about the date, overtime hour, and signature of your boss.

What is Overtime Sheet?

You may still guess what is inside of the overtime slip template. This slip will record your overtime activities for the company purpose such as accomplish the meeting and do business with your client. Actually, a normal employee does not like overtime working due to exhaustion. You can just imagine that you have to wake up in the morning every day and work as long as 8 hours so that you continue overtime working.

Sample Monthly Overtime Sheet Template Download in PDF

This is why the company pays double toward overtime workers. The employees have to ensure that they can pass the target with extra hours. This slip will mention about your overtime work and calculate the payment. If your company does not provide you this slip, you can just download it and print it in your office. You can just edit the file by using Ms. Excel due to this software is really suitable to handle this kind of matter.

The function of Overtime Sheet

You may ask what is the advantage of using overtime sheets. The answer is easy so that you can obtain a fair payment or compensation due to overtime hours. Employees have to fill the slip with the correct billing because the exchequer will check your present through the fingerprint attendance data. You can get extra money by doing overtime working and filling the overtime sheet template.

You can say so that it’s worth the fatigue that you got. The employee who keeps doing overtime is vulnerable to disease so that he or she requires health protection. This can slip can protect the employee from worker abuse or misuse. The company has to keep efficient production and make the workers happy.

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You are still new as an employee so that you know that overtime being paid double. You can just download the overtime sheet template for free. Remember that you need to need to get paid double and protection against employee abuse.

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