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6+ Orientation Checklist Template

University Orientation Checklist

Are you a newly accepted freshman at university? Congratulations! You are now one step closer to adulthood. Entering university comes with many perks; some of them are the first-week orientation. The first-week orientation is the gate to welcome freshly graduated high school students into the life of a college student. Below is the university orientation checklist that all freshmen must prepare for entering university.

Sample Professional Orientation Checklist Template

Find a Dorm

One of the first things you must sort out upon getting accepted into university is finding the right place to live in the next four years. Some of you might be lucky to get into university near your home. However, for those who must move out, finding the right dorm might be confusing, especially for first-timers.

Indeed, there are some universities that provided dorms on campus. This is the perfect choice to get accustomed to campus life and getting a roommate. Mostly this dorm is for freshmen only. There are also other choices like apartments outside of campus that freshmen can share with other freshmen or with upperclassmen.

Find Nearby Stores

Being a college student means juggling study, work, and organization. Some of them might not have time to cook or do laundry at dorms. Finding nearby stores to fulfill daily needs is important, especially for freshmen on orientation week. The things you need to check out on your orientation list are finding nearby printing and copy place, laundry place, 24-hour convenience store, and a coffee shop with internet access.

Find Information about Your Major

After sorting out your living and daily necessities, you need to start gearing up on orientation and campus life. Firstly, find out everything you need to know about your major. Discover the head of the department, head of the student body, as well as all the information about activities offered by your department, and you are all set. It is also important to see which group you are in during the orientation week.

Sample Sample Orientation Checklist Template

Prepare Mandatory Supplies

With the orientation week just around the corner, freshmen must settle into their groups and prepare mandatory supplies such as uniforms and badges. Most of these supplies must match for all members, and teamwork is needed to finish them. Utilize this preparation time to get to know your team members from other faculties and keep in contact with them even after orientation is over.

Discover Exciting Clubs

On orientation week, there is a university club expo that you must not miss. In this mini-exhibit, all clubs are showing off their unique points and achievements to gather as many new members as possible. Discover exciting clubs on campus that meet your interest to enrich your experience at university.

Put Yourself Out There

Last, in the orientation checklist, be brave to put yourself out there! If you used to be a shy high school student, in university orientation, you would meet more people you have never got the chance to meet before. Chat them up and learn from them.

Sample Simple Orientation Checklist Template Sample Departmental Orientation Checklist Template Sample Elegant Orientation Checklist Template

After all, the university is the best time to explore your interests, and it is more than just studying. Because of that, you have to prepare your university orientation checklist diligently. Remember to find your place, meet long-lasting friends, and have fun!

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