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10+ Organization Chart Template

Free Download Organization Chart Template

Working in a team is sometimes a daunting task, especially when you work in the company or are running a business. Structure in an organization chart will help a lot.

business organizational chart templates

What Is an Organizational Chart?

It is a diagram which gives outlines about the structure of an organization or a company. In this chart, it is not only showing the member of the division, the supervisor and the most top position of a group, but this also outlines the responsibilities as well as its roles and relationships. What makes this chart important is this can be broken down into small groups depends on the department.

company oganization chart templates

Why Is The Organization Chart Important?


As mentioned above, the organizational chars are used to display internal structures. It represents the different relationship between the individual and their functions in the company or organization. With such a clear picture, the communication between authorities and the staff well flow well. In this chart, there should be contact details, email, and photo as well as the designations to help to administer their profile when we need it urgently.

Organizational charts work effectively whether it is for a startup or employees. This also helps the manager manage their staff.

Give More Impact On The Long Term Planning

It is easy to notice the employees that become the bottleneck. Therefore you can act accordingly and decide what is best for the organization. This chart also allows you to find backups at the moment you find a problem in the structure.


Smaller companies or startups will find the organizational chart very helpful especially when they find their company growing significantly. In this case, you will have to experience many substitutions especially for giving more power in a certain department so your company can run smoothly. Besides, you can do restructuring based on your employee’s ability after seeing their progress after a while.

Job Description

Working in an organization forces you to divide your members into small groups and work in a different subject, so your team can finish the goal sooner. In this case, the organization chart will help you distribute the job description and restructure it when you need it in the near future.

What Are The Types of Organizational Charts?

Here are some types of organizational structure which are mostly used are 3, including:

Hierarchical Structure: This is the most popular chart that grouping the employees together in a team. Each group has a manager. For larger companies, they usually use this type.

Matrix Structure: The structure is set up in a matrix or grid form. This chart group employees with the same or similar expertise.

Flat Organizational Chart: This is also known as the horizontal structure which is good for smaller companies.

company organization chart functional organizational structure chart horizontal organization chart matrix org chart templates Organizational Chart templates organizational chart basic organization chart templates blank organizational chart templates1

After all, making the chart is so complicated and takes time. This is why we provide you a template that helps you make a chart in short times. You can adjust and add the structure as you wish by just doing copy and paste on some blocks. Download it for free here in this page.

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