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7+ Onboarding Checklist Template

Are you an agency that just seals a deal with a new client? Welcoming a new client onboard is an important process, and one must proceed with care to ensure a long-lasting relationship between the company and the client. The agency and the client must establish the same vision on the outcome of this mutually beneficial work relationship. Below is an onboarding checklist that can be helpful in welcoming a new client.

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Gather Information

The first thing about the onboarding checklist is the gathering of all necessary information. The agency must gather all the important information regarding the client. This is because the better the agency knows the client, the better their understanding of their vision and goals will be. The agency should document certain information about the client, such as their budget, website URL, their target market, their competitors, and their goals.

Assigning Team

The agency must assign a proper and the best team to work with new clients to achieve their goals. The team must consist of an account manager, lead strategist, and a list of creative and specialists on board. It is also important while assigning teams that they have done preliminary research regarding the client’s objective and goals on their own.

Have First Meeting

Before the first meeting, you need to make sure that your company has sent a proper welcome to the new client in the form of an email. This can be the gate for both parties to ensure that they are on the same page. This email can also be used to set the first meeting plan that meets with everyone’s schedule. At the meeting, ensure to explain the next step and allow time for feedback.

Sample Onboarding Checklist Free PDF Format Template Download

Create a Strategic Plan

After the first meeting, what you need to acknowledge is creating a strategic plan as the next step on the onboarding checklist. In this crucial stage, ensure all team members grasp a good knowledge of the goal and objectives of the client. This preliminary knowledge is important to determine the most and least important step of the plan and have it run smoothly for the benefit of the client reaching their objectives.

Conduct Competitive Analysis

At the beginning stage of the onboarding process, the agency must research the client’s competitors as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Conducting this type of analysis will allow the team to search for points in which the client can improve and become a leader in its respective market.

Introducing the Plan

The last step of the onboarding checklist is showing the plan to the client. This includes setting an outline for the strategy and setting expectations for the client. Once the client has agreed and your plan can get onboard, it is time to execute them.

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This onboarding checklist is essential for every company once they acquire a new client. One of the most benefits is to set a productive goal together and build a long-lasting relationship. One thing to note is to always send follow up plans, give updates, and ask for feedback from clients. The onboarding checklist is merely the beginning of your professional relationship; to maintain it is up to your company and the client themselves.

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