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5+ Official Receipt Template

An official receipt will be essential for those who did a transaction between sellers and customers. Whether it comes to a cash payment or mobile, the official receipt should be needed as well. It consists of a statement written out by hand, as well as your purchase from the office supply company.

Official Receipt Template

What is an Official Report?

Every transaction that includes money or representation of money will be recorded on an official receipt. An official receipt is a document that keeps an acknowledgment of the payments that have been made between seller and buyer.

Why is an Official Receipt Really Important?

Keeping an official receipt will be the most important thing every company should be prepared. It’s because this document can prove the transaction of a payment that has been made for goods or services that bought or sold. So, it looks like an absolute thing in every company.

Uses of Official Receipt Templates

An official receipt can sometimes be used by a business person to enhance the completeness of any accounting documents and records. Whether it comes to selling or buying, always keep your official receipt to support all the existing transactions.

Official Receipt Template1

Target Audience for Official Receipt Templates

  1. Small and Large Businesses

Small or large companies can use an official receipt for any transaction because this thing is relevant for business accounting or budgeting. By applying an official receipt, you may not find any difficulties in knowing the money you have invested.

  1. Customers

Customers will be seeking an official receipt as evidence of purchase warranties. It may come to a major purchase like electronic computers or small appliances. Customers can also provide an official receipt as proof of evidence of warranty.

The Common Fields of an Official Receipt

  1. The Date. It may refer to the date the item or service was paid at that time.
  2. Receipt number or OR number. Sometimes there is a unique number assigned to the official receipt in order to trace the payment of the customer easily.
  3. Seller or business needs detail information. It will be the first section of the receipt that is center-aligned that including logos, business name, address, or contact information.
  4. Customer’s details. This section may include the customer’s name, address, and contact information.
  5. Item description. Item description consists of the item number, quantity, price per unit, and the total amount charged from the customer.
  6. Signature of both sellers and customers is an essential thing as proof of evidence that both sellers and buyers were doing an agreement.
  7. Terms and conditions. Sometimes it needs to include the terms and conditions as the return policy of the business.

The Benefits of Official Receipt Templates

Most people need an official receipt as a guarantee in any transaction they’ve made. But it may seem not very easy to create it. So, by using an official receipt template, this can help you to get an official receipt easier. Official Receipt Template2 Official Receipt Template3 Official Receipt Template4

Whether you are professionals who run the big enterprises, you still need an official receipt template to ease your way in any transaction you’ve made between you as a seller and clients. So, make sure you have already known what actually an official receipt is.

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