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6+ Nurse Competency Checklist Template

Being a nurse is a noble profession. Nursing is taking care of patients in many aspects and trying to fulfill their different needs. Because of that, it takes a special set of skills to be a competent nurse. A patient expects not only getting proper medication and treatment from a doctor, but also intensive care from a nurse. Below is the nurse competency checklist that needs to be completed for all aspiring nurses.

Sample Nurse Compentency Checklist

Basic Skills

The basic skills of being a nurse are to learn pulse rate and site and respiration’s quality of a patient. A nurse must be able to measure blood pressure and temperature. Other skills that must be mastered are hand washing, bathing both complete and partial, assisting with feeding, and also measuring with standing scale weight and bed scale weight.

Neurological and Orthopedic/Vascular Care

Some of the skills that fall in this area are performing glaucoma scale, cranial nerve assessment, and motor or sensory function assessment. A nurse must also be able to apply an ace wrap properly and the use of Doppler, staple, and suture removal.


The nurse competency checklist cannot fail cardiopulmonary assessment. A few of them are measuring peripheral pulses, edema assessment, and application anti-embolism hose. They must also be able to perform respiratory assessments such as the use of pulse oximeters and Ambu bag and mask.

Sample Nurse Skill Competency Checklist

Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary

The skills performed in the gastrointestinal category include auscultation bowel sounds, abdominal palpation, measurement of PO or enteral intake, calorie counts, and enteral feeding and tube site care. The skills under genitourinary are, for example, assisting with urinal, performing urine assessment by appearance, bladder assessment, as well as urinary catheter insertion and removal.

Community Skills

A good nurse can perform for patients as well as for the general public. Some of the community skills include knowledge about the height and weight of children, screening for pediculosis, screening for hearing and vision, and knowledge on growth carts.

Interpersonal Skills

Patients have different sets of needs, and each one of them needs to be tended with the utmost care. A competent nurse must be able to have sufficient interpersonal skills and apply them on the job. Nursing is a people-centered job. Thus a nurse must be able to perform an ethical practice intending the patients. A nurse must ensure high-quality nursing in collaboration with other healthcare professionals.

The nursing competency checklist as a broad idea basically consists of four basic skills, which are the ability to grasps patient’s needs, the ability to make decisions, the ability to provide care, and the ability to work together with other health care professionals.

Sample Registered Nurse Compentency Checklist Sample Standard Nurse Competency Checklist Sample Basic Nurse Competency Checklist Sample Cardiac Specific RN template

A nurse is sometimes not appreciated as well as someone would appreciate a doctor. In reality, a nurse provides intensive care to patients that are as important as the medication or treatment that they are getting. A nurse can be someone you can depend on in taking care of your every need. That is the reason that a nurse competency checklist is an important tool to be able to measure future nurses who can be the best on the job

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