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6+ Non-Profit Organizational Chart Template

Free Download Non-Profit Organizational Chart Template

A nonprofit organizational chart is actually the same organizational chart. This is the core of every organization which reveals its structure so each member will understand their own position and job description as well as know other’s role in the organization.

Below is a list of the main structure in the non-profit organization that you should recognize.

  • Board of Directors – This positions holds the responsibility for the organization. They will create regulation, sets of rules, strategic plans, hiring staff and oversees finance. In the nonprofit organization, the board directors are people who volunteer themselves and they won’t get any compensation. Usually, an organization will hire them because of their expertise in some areas such as fundraising, law, and accounting. Throughout the year, they will attend the meeting and poor their concern to the organization growth. The position in the board of directors includes the chairman, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.
  • Executive Staff – This structure will run the daily operation of the organization. The position of the executive staff includes the CEO or president, vice president, and other officers which this also depends on the size of the organization. Typically, these people will be supervised by the board of directors. However, the CEO and other staff will be the face of the organization because they speak external events and look for a potential donor so they can keep some money for the organization.
  • Managerial Staff – In the lower position, the managerial staff will handle more daily operation. They work directly with the clients as well as providing services and programs and deal with the clients and customers directly. These managers will meet the executive staff to discuss many things from events and programs. Besides, they will also be able to be promoted to executive positions.
  • Administrative Staff – This is the entry-level position in the organization which assists the executive and managerial staff in fulfilling the duties. Their main job descriptions include scheduling, distributing email and answering the phone. Typically when they are in the same department, managerial and executive staff will share the assistants to make the work easier and more effective.
  • Programs and Types of Work – The nonprofit organization have specific works such as raising money for solving the water crisis in the developing countries. This is why the non-profit organization is structured for many programs that each of them will have its own assistant director. This also includes other elements such as fundraising, operations, human resources, development, volunteer coordinator, planning, and marketing.
  • Unique Management Areas – There is some structure in the nonprofit organization which might not exist in the regular organization. Some of theme are grant writing, volunteer programs, public policy, and fundraising. Usually, the member of the organization will discuss it in a meeting who will handle a certain position for certain event or program.

able Non Profit Organizational Chart Basic Non Profit Organizational Chart Organization Chart Example Not for Profits Sample Non Profit Organizational Chart Sample Organization Chart Traditional Non Profit Organisation Structure

Creating an organizational chart is not as easy as we think. It takes a lot of time doing such a technical thing. This is why using the nonprofit organizational chart will be very effective. Our template is designed for quick work with easy and readable structure. It is free!

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