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8+ Non Profit Business Plan Template

Free Download Non Profit Business Plan Template All Formats

No one wants to lose a lot of money even though this is a nonprofit business. In fact, starting a nonprofit business is not an easy task. You still need to consider so many factors even though you will not get any profit. Not at all! Now, it sounds like you need to start using the non profit business plan template to help you make a good business plan and comes with structured ideas. With a well-written business plan, it gives you more chance of attracting the investor also.

Non Profit Business Plan Example

Why Do You Need A Non Profit Business Plan Template?

Keep in mind that a charity is also one of business type. Even though there are many differences between profit and nonprofit organization, some rules still apply including the business plan. In this case, we think the non profit business plan template is crucial to help you make a professional one. Besides, there are several reasons too why you need to make it.

  • This will help you persuade the main donors to fund your business because this looks professional and convincing.
  • To recruit more members and they will understand what is your business vision and purpose.
  • It functions as the compass of your business so you will stay on the right track.
  • You can use this business plan to apply for some loan, for example, you want your non profit organization to have a store, shops and other programs that will keep the organization alive.
  • In the end, the business plan will help your organization to mature and face a bigger challenge.

Non Profit Business Plan Outline

What Are The Components of A Business Plan?

Just like “for-profit business plan”, the nonprofit business plan also has some structure you need to underline, which are:

  • Executive summary – This is the overview of your business plan. You need to describe the history, mission, vision, strength and also the assets. List also the programs, service, products, marketing plans and how you will get the funding.
  • Organizational Structure – Explain how the nonprofit organization will be managed. This includes the staff, stage of its maturity, plans to grow, objectives and other things related to the organization.
  • Programs, products and Services – So, when you are making a business plan for your nonprofit organization, this means you at least have a program for your product and service. So, list them in details include the production and delivery process, and other future developments. Or, if you have a product you are going to launch, mention it as the strength.
  • Marketing Plan – Explain how you will reach your goal, who you are trying to reach and describe other technical things in simple ways that are related to the marketing plan. Focus on how you will make a profit for the nonprofit organization so this will stay alive and not depend on the donator. This is the true purpose of having a nonprofit organization that you should be independent and mature when it comes to funding.
  • Management – List people on the management team and provide the information including the expertise. You can use the organizational chart to explain their responsibility in your organization.
  • Capitalization – List also the organizational capital structure.
  • Financial plan – Explain the current financial status, source income, balance sheet, financial projection, income statement, and cash flow statement.
  • Appendix – This includes the member lists, promotional material, key staff, strategic plan, vision statement, annual report and also pertinent charts. Non Profit Business Plan templates Non Profit Business Plan templates 1 1 Non Profit Business Plan templates Non Profit Marketing Plan templates Non Profit Strategic Plan templates Sample Non Profit Business Plan templates

So, why don’t you download non profit business plan template on our page? It is free!

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