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5+ Non-Profit Budget Template

Free Download Non-Profit Budget Template All Formats (Excel, Word, and PDF)

Just like the profit-driven organization, a nonprofit one needs budgeting terms and conditions. They are required to have good money management that will explain in details the expenditures and revenues as well. It doesn’t have to be complicated like we find in the company, but if you can do it, that’s perfect so you can see clearly how the budget flow. But if you have just started a nonprofit organization, managing the funding with the nonprofit budget template is the right thing to do. You can download it on our page for free.

basic non profit budget templates

Our templates collections are accessible on the internet. Everyone can download it for free without signing in our page or pay a number of money. Our main purpose here is to make money management easier. It allows you to customize the template based on your need. You can edit it as you want. It is available with various layout too.

Our intention with the nonprofit budget template is to help you finish your task, so you can focus on the other things. Besides, we also don’t forget that budgeting for an organization should be done carefully because you have to be responsible for all of the donators.

Our current nonprofit budget template can be trusted to handle such task with various details of expenditures and income. It is designed professionally to minimize your effort on handling the money.

Who Can Use The Non-Profit Budget Template?

The target audiences for our template is everyone who is running a nonprofit organization. It is for any organization who needs to keep in track and check the budget flow. Therefore, they will get the best benefit which is having the clearest picture of finance. Furthermore, the organization can spend the money wisely too.

non profit budget spreadsheet

How To Create A Perfect Non-Profit Organization Budgeting?

Since you are running an organization, of course, the first thing you have to do is setting your budgeting scheme based on the organization structure that reflects the operations and plan. For example, you can set a budget for paid staff members, this is called the strategic plan. Here are some tips you can try:

  • Organizing the income and expense – Whatever with the amount of money flowing in the organization, you should set a budget that matches with the activity. You can turn it into a line item that includes salaries, utilities, rent, printing costs, promotional items until the fiscal budget.
  • Staff Costs – You need to have a line item for staff that includes taxes, payroll tax, and employee benefits. This includes medical insurance, pensions, and disability insurance.
  • Include D and O liability insurance – Provide liability insurance for purchasing directors and officers.
  • Include indirect program costs – This can be auditing, accounting, liability insurance, and property.
  • Be realistic – You should be realistic with the income flowing in your organization. Distribute it wisely.
  • Create Cushion – Unexpected expanse budget is important too!

non profit budget templates excel non profit budget worksheet nonprofit startup budget templates

All of the tips and money management for your organization can be found in our template. Download it now!

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