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3+ New Hire Paperwork Checklist Template

Upon hiring a new employee, one of the duties of the Human Resource Department is gathering proper paperwork for the new hire. Before that, human resource staff must already complete the background check of the new employee so the hiring process can proceed smoothly. Below is the list of new hire paperwork checklist that can be used for the standard hiring process.

New Hire Paperwork Checklist Template

Employee Information Form

An employee information form is necessary paperwork for all companies. This item on the new hire paperwork checklist is meant for record-keeping as well as a safety precaution for an emergency situation, for example, should there be a situation that needs immediate evacuation. Therefore, in the employee information form, the new hire should put down their emergency contact, a list of current as well as past illnesses.


For every new hire, an employment contract must be acknowledged and signed. Some of them include the below documents.

  1. Basic Contract

This contract will state the employment type of the new hire. A contract should consist of the company’s rules and policies and penalties for those who break it. A contract may also include the length of employment or terms of employment should the employee are hired for a temporary, freelance, or part-time position.

  1. Signed Offer Letter

A signed offer letter consists of the statement from the company regarding the new employee as well as the job title, salary, and the start date of employment.

  1. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Not all companies require their employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement. However, some companies require them as a condition to be accepted in the company.

Application Form

The next thing in the new hire paperwork checklist is the application form that the new employee had filled in when they were applying for the job. This form is necessary for bookkeeping in the HR Department.

Tax and Government Form

As a company that is obediently under the law of the government, all employees, including new employees, must pay taxes as regulated in the law. Thus, before entering the company, a new hire must submit their tax and government form that will further be reviewed by the HR Department.

Payroll Form and Documents

Upon the first day of employment, a new hire should also submit all necessary documents regarding payroll. This may include their preferred bank account and tax registration number.

Work Schedule and Description

The last thing on the new hire paperwork checklist is paperwork regarding their job title and description and work schedule. The new employee should acknowledge their job description and duties well before the proper training is conducted to ensure that they can perform well on the job, with or without complete supervision from their respective direct supervisor,

New Hire Paperwork Checklist Template1 New Hire Paperwork Checklist Template2

Welcoming a new hire and completing all the necessary paperwork can be a long process. It needs extra carefulness to ensure that all paperwork is filled correctly, and there are no errors in the smooth hiring process. The new employee needs to cooperate with the HR Department with honest and good communication for the benefit of both the company and the new employee themselves.

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