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4+ New Hire Checklist Template

One of the main jobs of a member of People Operation in a company is to welcome a new hire and making sure they are well-informed of the state and rules of the company. Entering a new work environment can be challenging, and there is a lot of new information and custom that a new hire should know of. Below is an essential new hire checklist that all members of People Operation should master.

Sample New Hire Checklist DOC Format Template Download

Work Location and Access

The first point in the new hire checklist is making sure that the new hire can get to the office safely. Before their first day, an HR representative must inform them of the work location and access to get there safely. If there is transportation provided by the company, the new hire should be informed of the meeting point and time, so their first day runs smoothly.

Computer and Communication

On the first day, the employee will be given a cubicle or a station to work in. The HR representative, along with one of the IT staff, should make sure that all computer and office supplies are in their proper place. Below are the necessary items for the work station of the new employee:

  1. Computing Access

This includes a complete personal computer, mouse, CPU, and keyboard. A new email should be set up along with all the necessary shared and personal folders for the new employee.

  1. Communications 

One of the most important things in a successful workplace is communication. The GA or IT staff member should ensure that new employee has proper communication device. A new phone line or mobile device should be ready to utilize on their first day.

  1. Networks

The company usually has a certain network for the employee and supervisor to work together and communicate. All the necessary access should be granted to the new hire on the first day.

Work Uniform and Badges

If the company requires the use of work uniform and company badges, the new hire should be provided with them at least one week before the first day.

Sample New Hire Paperwork Checklist Excel Format Template Download

Work Environment and Culture

On the first day, an HR representative or the direct supervisor will give the new hire a mandatory office tour and introduction of the whole department. It is necessary so that all departments acknowledge a new addition to their office.

Policies and Procedures

The new hire should be given a handbook of the company’s policies and procedures to ensure that they have the understanding to follow the policies obediently.

Safety Measures

The last thing about the new hire checklist, if the company is located in a building, the new employee should know the basic emergency procedures for the sake of their own self and others. They should know basic safety measures for emergency situations such as in the case of fire or natural disaster.

Sample Supervisor New Employee Checklist PDF Format Template Download Sample DOC Format of New Hire Employee Checklist Template Download

That was all the necessary new hire checklist that must be acknowledged and implemented. A competent staff of the company People Operation Department should realize the importance of welcoming a new hire of the company as the first impression will determine the company’s image to the new hire.

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