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9+ Monthly Expense Sheet Template

Printable Monthly Expense Sheet

Managing monthly expenses is very important both for businesses and households. Through this activity, you can find out how much your expenditure in a month. Moreover, it also allows you to know where your money goes. Therefore, you will be prepared to pay your bills and meet your needs with the amount of income you have. To manage your expense effectively, you need to have a monthly expense sheet.

Sample Monthly Expense Income Worksheet1

What is a Monthly Expense Sheet?

Most of you must have heard about a monthly expense or monthly expenditure sheet. However, some of you may not know the detail about this sheet. A monthly expense sheet is a document which records your expense in a monthly basis. This document is in the form of tables with a list of expense categories column, amount of expense column, and other columns.

Sample Monthly Expenses Worksheet

Basically, there are two types of monthly expenditure sheet.

1.  Personal monthly expense spreadsheet

This particular spreadsheet is made for individuals or households. Therefore, the expense categories in this spreadsheet are related to personal expenses. In addition, this spreadsheet is also simpler than other monthly expense spreadsheets.

2.  Business monthly expense spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is, of course, made for companies or business. It is part of the yearly or quarterly expense spreadsheet which is a must-have for a business. It is more complicated than the personal money expense spreadsheet because it has more expense categories.

How to Make an Expense Sheet

Making a monthly expense spreadsheet will give you some advantages. First, it helps you manage your money. Moreover, it helps you to be able to pay your bills each month. Therefore, it is a must for everyone to have it. If you never made this spreadsheet before, you don’t need to worry. It is not that difficult to make. You only need to create a table with expense categories and amount of expense in it.

For the expense categories, you need to divide them in two groups. They are fixed expenses and flexible expenses. The examples of fixed expenses are rent or mortgage, electricity bills, house maintenance, and loans. Meanwhile, the examples of flexible expenses are food expense, personal care, and entertainment.

If you want to make this spreadsheet easily and quickly, you can download a monthly expense sheet. It has everything you need to make this spreadsheet. If you have this sheet, you only need to edit its title and fill in the blank with the amount of your expenses.

Sample Monthly Household Expense Sheet Sample Office Monthly Expense Sheet Sample Pass Monthly Expense Sheet Sample Personal Monthly Expense Sheet Sample Blank Monthly Expense Sheet Sample Business Monthly Expense Sheet Sample Individual Monthly Expense Sheet

Creating a monthly expense spreadsheet is one of the steps needed to manage your money. Now that you know how to make it efficiently, you will have no problem in making this spreadsheet every month.

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