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6+ Monthly Budget Spreadsheet Template

The Best Personal Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

Many people have money management issue. They often ran out of money before the month even ends. As a result, they need to use their saving or borrow some money from others. If you suffer from this issue, you need to try budgeting. Having a personal monthly budget spreadsheet can help you manage your income better than before.

Sample Monthly Budget Spreadsheet with Due Dates Excel Free Download

What is a Personal Monthly Budget?

When you hear the word budget, you may think negatively about it since it is often used when people have a limited spending. However, the word budget actually means a plan. Therefore, a personal monthly budget is a classified list of expenses and expected income which helps you to plan how you will spend and save your money and track your actual spending.

Sample Monthly Household Budget Spreadsheet Excel Free Download

When planning your monthly spending, you need a certain document, i.e. personal monthly budget spreadsheet. There are many items that are put on this list. Those items are, of course, what you usually spend in a month. Some of them are household products, cosmetics and toiletries, gifts, emergency savings, and utilities.

For those who never made this spreadsheet before, they may feel a bit confused in making it. As a result, they will be discouraged to create their monthly budget. However, you don’t need to worry much about it. There are some tools that will help you create it.

How to Make a Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

Making this spreadsheet is actually not that difficult. Here are some simple steps to make this budget.

1.  Decide the list of your spending and income sources

Different people have different spending and income sources. Therefore, you need to specify them. Those categories will be needed to make the table.

2.  Create the Excel table

In creating the Excel table, you need to, at least, have two separates tables. The first one is for the income group. It only has two columns, i.e. category and amount. The other is for the monthly spending group. It has four columns, i.e. category, budget amount, actual amount, and difference.

3.  Fill in the table

After you create those tables, you can start planning your monthly spending and write it in the budget amount. When you have executed this plan, you can write your actual spending in the actual amount. Meanwhile, the difference column will show whether or not you spent your money as you planned.

Sample Personal Monthly Budget Spreadsheet Excel Template Free Download Sample Family Monthly Budget Spreadsheet Excel Template Free Download Sample Monthly Budget Spread Word Template Free Download Sample Monthly Budget Spreadsheet for College Students Excel Free Download

If you don’t have time to make those Excel tables, you can download a monthly budget spreadsheet. After downloading it, you can start your budgeting right away. This file already has a listed categories. But, you may need to edit and personalize it. Moreover, this file is already formulated with Excel formulas. Therefore, you can count the difference, total income, and total spending automatically.

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