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9+ Month To Month Rental Agreement Form Template

Free Download Month To Month Rental Agreement Form

Drafting a legal contract is not an ordinary task because this should include details of both parties. A very common contract needed the most by most people is the monthly basis contract which is very tedious. But now you can use the month to month rental agreement form which can be updated as you need. It is available on our page for free.

month to month rental agreement form sample

How Does The Month To Month Rental Agreement Form Help You?

Our template is designed professionally for professional use which comes in the most complete details. Just like the rental agreement contract, it has several important details need to write such as date, the content of the agreement, rental price and many more. This includes the location of the property, tenant address, specified date and many more. Also, there is a space that is talking about the security deposit.

How To Maintain A Month To Month Rental Agreement?

Note that the month-to-month rental agreement form has some similarities with the lease agreement which applies for at least 12 months. Some clauses are including

  • Insurance requirements
  • Security deposit requirements
  • Pet Policy
  • Penalties for late rental payments

rental agreement form for month to month

Like its name, a month-to-month rental agreement form typically lasts after 30 days. However, the rental will automatically renew unless both parties provide notice of nonrenewal.

What Are The Advantage of A Month-To-Month Renta Agreements?

More Money – This is the best potential when you opt for a month to month rental agreement. It gives you more money than the long term one. The shorter lease will give higher risk as the tenants might move to another apartment anytime.


When you set your property to be a month to month agreement, then you will be very flexible to do some changes. Besides, the tenants will be much easier to go back to their home as they have a shorter contract.

Get Rid Some Problems

The good part of the monthly agreement is this can help you address the problem. You can get rid of tenants that always pay your lease late. It is a good thing to test the tenants whether they can be a good long term customer or not. Make sure you check how your tenants pay the lease whether they are on time or not.


When a landlord set the lease monthly, it will create uncertainty. There some months that make the room empty so the landlord can change it to be the long term lease.

Loss of Income

There are times when the demand is higher than usual. It is the best time to arrange the price so you can gain more profit from your business. On some months you might find your demand gets lower so you need to adjust it properly. Maybe you want to give some discounts to the potential tenants who want to lease your space.

simple month to month rental agreement form basic month to month rental agreement form basic month to month rental agreement form month to month rental agreement example month to month rental agreement form Month to Month Rental Agreement Form DOC month to month rental agreement form printable

In short, managing a month to month lease is not that easy. You need to keep update with your agreement which is very daunting. Therefore, it is better to provide a template which luckily can be found on this page for free.

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