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5+ Medical Receipt Sample Template

Business in the medical field requires careful calculation. Professional services must be balanced with certain costs so that the results are always efficient. To achieve this, a sample medical receipt is needed. In addition to recording payment transactions, receipts also play a role in creating business credibility, especially in the medical sector.

Sample Medical Supply Receipt PDF Download1

Medical Supply Receipt

Every certain period, businesses need to supply certain items such as medicine or equipment. In order to purchase supplies well recorded, you need to prepare receipts. Receipt section consists of incident name, source of supplies, recipient of supplies, and items. All items on that date must be listed together with the unit quantity and amount.

Medical Service Receipt

This receipt was received by the patient after the examination. The template form consists of several columns. The first column is the date of service, then the health service code, diagnosis code, and fees. The bottom part of the receipt is information about the party that examined the patient and his signature.

Sample Printable Medical Receipt Template PDF Download1

Blank Sample Medical Receipt

This sample has a form like a memorandum and tends to use the printed version. The header of receipt is information related to a clinic or hospital, date of service, number of receipts, and doctor who served. The receipt table only consists of the code of service, products for patients, cost, and total. You can add shipping fees if they’re shipped.

Medical Clinic Receipt

This receipt has a different appearance compared to other medical receipts. The receipt header consists of a doctor or medical practice identity and a patient’s identity. Information relating to patients includes the date of birth, gender, weight, height, and date of diagnosis.

Medical Payment

Similar to an invoice, this sample medical receipt is received by the patient as proof of payment. The patient’s identity is written in full from the address to the physical condition. While the invoice table contains a particular service or medication, quantity, rate, and amount.

Creating Medical Receipt

  1. Details

Not only identity but all services provided to patients must also be recorded in detail. This is to prevent losses suffered by medical services. In addition to the items given, the quantity or unit needs to be written clearly. The size of the rate is usually written as price per quantity, while the amount is the number of descriptions multiplied by the rate.

  1. On point

Avoid making long-winded receipts. This will make the patient confused. The language used in the receipt must also at least be understood by the patient. If the patient feels that he is not receiving the treatment or is receiving certain medication, he can file a complaint.

  1. Clear

Clear writing is not only about medical or service description, but also the amount of cash that must be paid by the patient. Make everything in a neat column list with subtotals. Add tax if the price does not include tax, reduce the medical claim if the patient has it, and other additional costs according to medical service regulations.

Sample Medical Cash Receipt PDF Free Download1 Sample Medical Invoice Receipt Template Doc Free Download1 Sample Medical Services Receipt PDF Download1

For every transaction made, the medical party must make a sample medical receipt. Receipt effectively describes how the services that have been provided and also cash flow from the business. You will also be in a safe position if there are allegations of practical violations because the receipt contains the appropriate service procedures.

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