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10+ Media Release Form Template

Get This Free Media Release Form For Your Business

What Is Media Release Form?

The fact is you don’t always need the media release form, but there is always a big question when you can protect your assets and when you can shoot freely. Photojournalists don’t need this form because they are protected by the law and government and it is due to the new evidence. But when you shoot or capture certain objects or people, then you should get one because this is for editorial purposes. Conversely, the TV news stations, newspapers and also online reporters are not required.

Media Consent Release Form 1

What Is The Difference Between A Photojournalist and Photographer?

There is a big difference between a regular photographer and a photojournalist. A photojournalist who is working with newspaper and TV news is considered as the “editorial sources” than a commercial operation. Their main purpose is to give information and educate the reader, visitor, and viewer. On the other hand, video makers are sometimes in the same business that they also give information and educate them. This is why they are in the gray area. Therefore, for some cases such as video for a commercial purpose need to use the release form before it is used.

Media Photo Release Form 1

The media release form talks about the agreement between two parties that one party will use the another whether it is pictures or videos for commercial purpose. The term commercial purpose here means the party will use it for selling or generating money for information or educational purpose. However, if this is by the photographer or videomaker’s work, then he/she doesn’t need this. When they are using someone’s object (not the public are or stuff) and person, then they need to issue the media release form.

Do I Always Need To Have Media Release Form?

The answer for this question is “it depends” on the purpose Even though you don’t have a company or organization but you shot something owned by another party, then you need this release as the permission.

Media Release Form Non Profit 1

On this page, we provide you the best media release form that you can use for free. You don’t have to sign up to get these amazing templates.

What About The Public Properties and Also Editorial Coverage?

Probably you ever heard that shooting in a public space is OK. Anytime you want! But as a video maker, public space is also a gray area. For example, you are in a criminal situation, for example, someone is arrested or shoot away. And then the person that is being arrested ended up getting off because it was a false identity. Due to this case, your news station might end up in trouble such as losing the public trust because your station spread falsy.

Besides, you have to be sensitive in recording people’s privacy in public space such as shooting the firefighters, medical personnel and police are not considered as the sensitive source, but you are not allowed to record the victim.

So, our purpose here is to make your life easier with easy and editable templates. It is a printable template that you can use anytime you need.

Media Release Permission Form 1 Media Waiver Release Form 1 Sample Social Media Release Form 1 Standard Media Release Form 1 Student Media Release Form 1 Adult Media Release Form 1 General Media Release Form 1

Additionally, media release forms are technical agreements that help you prevent yourself from a dispute in the future.

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