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10+ Massage Intake Form Template

Free Download Editable Massage Intake Form

What Is Massage Intake Form?

We all know that massage therapies have been using from hundred years ago. It is the traditional method that is proven to give health benefits to everyone. Our ancestors have studied so many kinds of techniques for a different purpose. Therefore, we should thank them that today we have so many massage techniques. However, not all techniques work for all diseases. There is a prescription to write that will be suited based on the patient’s need. Therefore, you will need a message intake form.

Pediatric Massage Intake Form

A massage intake form is a form that helps a therapy to write down and record the prescription and also the symptoms. This helps someone to assess what kind of therapy a patient needs. You may look at our sample to see the format and the designs as well as helping you bringing up the ideas about your patient’s therapy.

What Is The Purpose of A Massage Intake Form?

This form is used to know the patients’ background for therapeutic massage. A therapist will ask you the following question to match their suggestion and your desire.

Do You Have Allergies?

This is the first question a therapist asks you when you want to book a service. Some people have negative reactions to certain oils, scents, and scrubs. So, make sure you answer this question clearly.

Have You Ever Done A Surgery?

In a therapy world, this is important to know when you have ever done surgery. Certain body parts that ever went through such procedure should be treated differently. Why? Because basically, a message is pressing your muscle and body in various method. You have to be at the weak point so your therapist knows where to give more pressure.

Are You Having A Medication or A Treatment?

Just like a physician, therapy should know whether you are under a treatment or not. This will help your therapy to decide which types of massage to use.

Furthermore, many therapists also ask your experience bout certain message to know your opinion. Maybe to know how this affects your health afterward. Some people go for massage because they are stressful or simply for therapy. It is important to let them know this.

For a therapist who wants to develop the service, the massage intake form is a vital document to help you record your patients’ condition, treatments, and the symptoms about their health. This to give you an easy administration in the future when your client is back asking for treatment. So, you could just look at the document and see what type of massage has been done. You can also check the patient’s allergy, certain treatment prohibition, medical condition and so on. Because it is impossible to remember all of your clients, writing the details on this form is wise, especially if you have some employee (therapist) to work with.

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So, it is time to download this template for your business growth. It is free!

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