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10+ Loan Worksheet Template

Every loan company should prepare greater details about every management problem. Including to make sure about the worksheet as a data which everyone needs to know. You must have a customer that would need their loan worksheet details that should be paid until the due date. However, for those who still have no idea what should be included on the lists here is the best information to add on your worksheet.

Sample Loan Comparision Worksheet

What You Should Add to the Worksheet?

1.       Customer data

The first information that you should add to your worksheet is the customer data. Do not underestimate the data of your customer since you will send them the bills at the due date. Every loan worksheet should include the data such as customer address, Name, and ID. One mistakes would create chaos to your company management. You should prepare if someone does not pay as the same as their commitment.

1.  Start and due date

You must set the time to everyone who gets money from your company. Means there should be the start and due date time for each customer details. It can help you to make sure if you can get profit as the same with your target.

2.  Amount of money

Sometimes, people make mistakes to input the amount of money on the details. You need to know that there should be better details that is important not only to your company but also to the customer. If you put a different number than the reality means there will be problem occur. Your customer would not satisfy with the result and your services.

3.  Taxes and interest

Once someone ask for money to loan from your company adding the taxes and interest must be important. You must have better policy regarding the taxes and interest that should be accepted by the customer.

4.   Address to send the bill

There must be different methods that you can use to get money from the due date. Including to send the bill directly to your customer address. However, you should make sure if the address that you are included is already right and make no mistake.

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Creating perfect details for your loan worksheet must be important. It can make sure if every money and job progress done at the right time. You can have better preparation if there is a customer who do not pay the bill at the due date. However, you should put all the details properly to make sure if everything can be happened as what you are expected.

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