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LLC Operating Agreement Template

Free Download Sample and Template for LLC Operating Agreement

What Is An LLC Operating Agreement?

LLC operating agreement is a written a document that concerns about the ownership and also member duties of a Limited Liability Company. This agreement will allow you to manage the working and financial relation among business owners (the members) and also the relationship between managers and members.

Single Member LLC Operating Agreement templates

Many businessmen/women prefer LLC because it is easy to manage. In this case, the owner will not personally liable to the company’s liabilities. With a similar feature of the corporation, the profits and losses will be included in the personal tax returns of the members (owners).

Forming an LLC will vary from state to state, but there are some similarities in forming it. First of all, members should pick a name and then document and file it with the state. This is included the LLC operating agreement too.

What Are The Benefits of Forming an LLC?

An LLC will allow more than one owner to run the business. This gives some benefits too such as tax advantages and makes the business more flexible. This also requires fewer formalities compared to the other business such as corporations. Here are some benefits of having an LLC.

Simplify Setting-up

As we mentioned earlier, the LLC is designed to be more flexible and simpler. Typically states only require one document to be filled. Besides, the owner can run the company based on the agreement rather than based on laws.

Besides, many owners form an LLC to draft an operating agreement. In some states, if the business doesn’t have this LLC operating agreement, the default rules will be applied. Therefore, a proper draft will help everyone safe from future disputes.

Liability Protection

The liability protection often becomes the main purpose why businessmen/women often opt for this type. Unlike proprietorship, the LLC can protect the personal assets which are very crucial when someone wants to expand the business. Without this protection, the investor will be reluctant to give some fund.


Compared to another business form, LLC is much easier to manage because it has lesser formalities. This is why the LLC said less risky.

Tax Advantages

The most challenging thing when running a business is unnecessary taxes. The LLC is not an entity tax which later the income will flow through the personal income of the members and then it is cut as the personal tax. Meanwhile, the Corporation will be tax at the corporate level and then when the profit is distributed to the shareholders, the income will be taxed again.

The LLC operating agreement template will help you start making your own contract with the members of your business. If you don’t have adequate experience, then the templates on our page will help you make a contract in a proper manner.

Manager Managed LLC Operating Agreement templates

Our LLC operating agreement template is so easy to download and this is editable so you can customize it as you need. The templates can be run in excel and word files.

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