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2+ Living Will Template

Free Download Living Will Template and How This Helps You Before You Die

What Is A Living Will?

A living will is the last will of a person to provide instruction when this person is not able to communicate. This document will save the dearest ones from uncertainties regarding the legalities that might occur after the death of a person. If you are not sure on how to make it, you can download living will templates in our page.

What Are The Difference Between A Living Will, Last Will & Testament?

The “living will” and the “last will & testament” are completely two different things. Indeed, both documents are intended to provide information about a person when he/she is not able to communicate anymore. As we mentioned, the “living will” is more like the health care decision while the person is still alive, but is unable to communicate. Meanwhile, the “Last Will” is the preference after the person has already died. The following is the differences between the two of them.

  • Time – This is the major differences between “living will” and “last will”. A “last will” will have no legal impact until the person is dead, and this must be signed by the court. Meanwhile, the “living will” will affect when the person is still alive, with the case, he or she is not able to communicate again. This could be a coma or vegetative state of incapable of communicating.
  • Agent – he last will should be accompanied by the executor that later will pay the estate, obligation, and others. It will be pointed by the court. Meanwhile, the living will point the healthcare agent that will make the decision about medical treatment. They don’t need the approval of the court. Even, in some states, healthcare can arrange your burial or donate the organs.
  • Advance directive – The main function of the living will is to give instruction to the health care providers in considering the treatments. This can be related to the all possible life support from intravenous feeding and artificial respiration.
  • Testamentary Disposition – In the “last will” a person can express her/his disposition about the personal assets. It even allows them to point the guardian for the kids.

How The Living Will Template Gives You Benefits?

It is important to know that the requirements for a living will in some states be different. Even, people are required to hire a lawyer to prepare this document. By using our living will template, you can have several benefits as follow:

  • It helps you to not miss any details while filing the will.
  • It helps you mention the important person, signature and dates.
  • Since the living will be ready in the hospitals, a document like the living will template will help a lot.
  • It gives a professional outline and format while still can customize it based on your need.

Living Will Template1 Living Will Template

After a person who made the living will document dies, power attorney can give the healthcare agent to make a decision about the organ donation or even autopsy depending on the statement in the document.

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