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2+ Liquor Inventory Template

Free Download Liquor Inventory Template To Maintain Your Stock

Inventory is one of the most crucial things in a business which you can track down all of your inventories and see how much you have spent for producing a product. This applies too in the restaurant or food-based company that uses liquor as one of the main ingredients. This is why you have to check your liquor stock regularly to make sure it will not disturb your producing process. So, if you are running a business like bars or restaurants, the liquor inventory template must be your most needed document so far.

Liquor Inventory Spreadsheet templates

Why Do You Need To Track Your Inventories?

In many types of businesses, auditing the stock will help the company from losing profit such as avoiding the company from theft which causes loss. Also, this is done to avoid unnecessary order of liquors which later can be evaluated once the tracking is done. Furthermore, there are more reasons to consider which are as follow:

Keep The Stocks Available

So, we always feel bad when a customer order liquor and we are out of stock. But when you do inventory, such thing is avoidable. You will be aware earlier about the stock behind your bar.

Each Liquor Is A Dollar, Be Careful!

Your inventory is the biggest asset. This may turn to profit if you buy the sufficient stock, but this can be a disaster too if you are over stock. Yes, even though you’re overstock later will also be bought by your customer, but actually, you can spend the remaining money for another important purpose. There must be some items that get a lot of customer’s attention. Remember, each dollar you spend on the item is your investment. Track it wisely so you will not over or understock.

Identify Theft

Just like we have said earlier, liquor inventory is a great way to avoid overstock and theft. You never realized that you lose stock due to internal theft. It doesn’t mean you don’t trust your staff, but this is very important and crucial because this can be miscounting or broken stuff. In the future, your employee and your management will be more careful handling the stock by matching it with the data so you will not suffer from another loss.

You Can Weed Out Items With Low Priced Menu

There are some items that nobody ever orders. Inventory will help you sort out the list of items that cause you more loss. On the other hand, you can see which items are more popular and decide to stock more so you will not out of stock when many customers order your menu. This is a great way to see which one is the best selling item and not.

You Will Not Be Overstocking Perishable Items

There are some items that are perishable. Doing inventory will help you see the number of items that are perishable and cause you loss. This is often unnoticeable. You will have more tendency to buy this item to avoid understock but in the end, you don’t know whether you need it more or not. Bar Inventory Spreadsheet Excel

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