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3+ Likert Scale Template Samples to Collect more Effective Respons and Feedback

Are ready to start your questionnaire sheet? Wait! You cannot directly realize it before you understand about a Likert scale template. You are going to invite idea and arrange the question without the scale. The Likert scale itself comes in two definitions as the psychometric respond and a non-comparative scaling technique. The most important thing is both definitions have a tight affiliation to your questionnaire later. So, how to make the template for Likert scale? Today, you get one recommendation to use the Word template. It is because the format supports you make it fast.

Likert Scale Questionnaire templates1

The Definition of Likert Scale Template

Let’s understand the definition of the Likert scale deeper. Firstly, it is psychometrics scale in the questionnaire to get approval or respond from the participants through their statement. Secondly, it is a non-comparative scale to measure one character. Shortly, they are a good way to measure the response using a question or character from the users.

Sample Likert Scales templates

Once more, the easiest Likert scale template is in Word format. This format not only provides edit service and also printable. If you are selective in choosing the template, you can take it without any money.  Besides that, several websites offer it with smileys, numbers, and colors. Meanwhile, the online template still gives other benefits such as below:

  1. The Word template is appropriate to collect respond about the situation, product, or the current events.
  2. You are able to find the users in the most survey and observation job.
  3. The procedure to write the template is with combining different rate scaling. The goal is to measure invention, behavior, and people directly.
  4. It is able to finish your survey and observation in an impressive way. You will do it with collecting all responses and analyze it. Afterward, you are going to present it orderly.
  5. You can measure a character in more detail because of the non-comparative scaling utilization.

3 Samples of the Likert Scale as the Best Recommendation

Here, you have been sure to use the Likert scale template in Word. Thus, seeing the third samples of the template becomes the next plan. Here, what to do:

  1. Interactive Survey Activity

The template exists for you who want to make a Likert scale for many purposes. You use it to know about the feedback of product, service, or other experiences. By the template, you will not say that this task bores and difficult.

  1. Free Likert Scale

The content of the template is more detail than the previous design. However, the survey will emerge in some questions to collect your audience response. Additionally, you are able to give a rate on the scale. Actually, the benefits of the template are not only free but also easy to print. It is also editable so that you quite change the question according to your need.

  1. Free Likert Scale Questionnaire

The template eases you to modify the questionnaire and give it for your students or employees. The simple design and interface, it gives you the most effective response.  Surveys Interactive Activity Examples of Likert scales

Okay, it is so easy to write your Likert scale template. You can make the third design at once and give it to the people as your respondences. By the template, you are going to get the feedback better and effective.

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