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10+ Liability Waiver Forms Template

Free Download Liability Waiver Forms To Protect Your Business

What Is A Liability Waiver Forms?

Many business services offer activities for the participants which sometimes can be risky for the customers, such as aerobics classes, riding lessons and bicycle race. Such activities are so fun, but did you know that they can sue you for some damages? This can be accidents or something? Therefore, you have to protect your business through liability waiver forms before they begin the activity.

Subcontractor Liability Waiver Form

Liability waiver forms are also known as the release liability which is a written contract between a customer and a business that they agree and also understand any kind of risk caused by the activities. Therefore when there are unexpected accident happened, they have no chance to against your company due to such activities.

What Do We Need To Know About The Release Form?

There are some myths about release form you need to know, including:

A Patron Can’t Sue Me Even though Has Signed The Waiver

Note that a waiver may not prevent your business gets sued by the patron by signing it. But it works by shifting the liabilities from your business to the injuries. However, it doesn’t mean they lose their rights to sue you caused by the intentional torts.

It Is No Need To Notify The Liability Insurer Because The Customer Has Signed The Release and I won’t Be Sued!

However, you still need to report any occurrence which will cause a claim. Tell the insurer whether you have got the waiver from the injured customer. Include the copy of a waiver when you deliver the report.

It Is No Need To Use Insurance If I Use The Waiver Form

Understand that this is not the subtitle of commercial liability insurance. Just like we mentioned in the earlier point, the release form is not a way to block them from suing you. They still have the right to do this especially if the activity is not cover by the waiver form.

It Is Enforceable

Remember that the release form will be enforceable if it is enforced. Each state also has different rules related to enforcement. Some states enforce the document with written items included. Meanwhile, other states require certain items to enforce it. You could ask your local attorney regarding the laws.

What Do You Need To Avoid When Writing Liability Waiver Forms?

  • If you download liability waiver forms, make sure you check the points whether it is applied in your state or not.
  • If you are not an attorney, don’t draft this form. But you can use the template in our page for learning what point you need to include and it is also editable so you can discuss it with your personal attorney.
  • Next is avoiding confusing language. The agreement should be clear and easy to understand.
  • Never use a form with blank spaces. You have to mention all the information you need to include. Blank spaces are only for things that need to be filled by the patron.

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