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8+ Investment Sheet Template

Collecting wealth is not only done by saving. Now you can invest in many events such as buying gold, property or stocks. It is intended that you have provisions for old age. If you are planning to find an investor or want to invest, here is an investment sheet template that you need to understand before doing so.

Sample Investment Sheet Sample

Kind of Investment Sheet Template

1. Real Estate

A promising investment opportunity is in the real estate field. This sheet contains information about interest rates based on terms. Each term has a term of 3-15 years and amortization provisions. The stated interest rate may change at any time and the amount depends on the developer.

2. Financial

Investments with financial types are becoming popular. The recommendations depend on the offer, but the lower middle class can do it. The contents of the sheet usually consist of current asses, non-current assets, current liability and total liability. The bigger a company, the bigger the number offered is the greater the return.

3. Tracking sheet

For those of you who like to save shares, the tracking sheet will become familiar. The table is divided into two forms, namely “if buying” and “if selling”. Each section is filled with several columns of date of purchase / sold, stock symbol, shares bought, and total cost. This sheet is also called a portfolio.

Why Investment is Important

1. Make More Money

Having passive income is everyone’s dream. Without having to work hard, there is still some money flowing into your account. This is only felt when you make an investment. Your money continues to grow. The more the amount, the more interest you get. Start owning long-term assets and enjoy the results.

2. Retirement preparation

As we age, our health deteriorates. Likewise, the work period that has expired in old age. You need to prepare for life after retirement by investing. Some of the investments that are a favorite of many people are stocks, businesses, property and metal. In old age, everything will have a value equivalent to that period.

3. Return

Almost all types of investments have returns. Although only a few percent, the amount will increase when you add the principal amount. Choose investments with high returns at low risks such as mutual funds. Stocks engaged in banking, oil, mining and basic necessities have promising returns.

Sample Investment Summary Sample Real Estate Investment Sample Term Sheet Sample Tracking Sheet 1 Sample Example of Investment Sample Fact Sheet Sample Financial Investment

Investment sheet template is not only used as investment proposals. When you officially own it, sheets can be used as a portfolio that you belong to one of the owners. Choose investments that allow for growth and have a high return. Set aside a portion of the budget for this in preparation for the upcoming retirement.

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