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11+ Inventory Sheet Templates

Inventory items can help you find out the position and availability of goods. Although much is done in the warehouse business, it is not impossible if you do it at home. You need inventory sheet templates. With this template, you can make your list of items owned more organized.

Sample Home Inventory

Kinds of Inventory Sheet Templates

1. Sheet for Business

This sheet records the opening and clossing stock that is updated daily. Generally, spreadsheets are used for businesses that rely on goods supply systems. Business inventory includes company information such as name, address and contact. While in the table there is information including item name, unit price, stock, sold level, and unit purchased.

2. Ordinary inventory

Sheets can be used for various purposes and needs, such as household and business. Information in the header section includes company name, date, location and address. While the table consists of several columns such as item name, unit, description, serial and value. Its use tends for the purpose of sudden inspection.

3. Home inventory

Inventory activities are also common in every home. In addition to knowing assets, you also use sheets to find out the location of goods. Usually sheets only consist of tables with many columns. These columns include items, colors, models and serials, owner applied and value.

Steps to Create Inventory

1. Prepare the worksheet

Choose a worksheet that suits your needs. The sheet to record the restaurant supply will be different from the sheet for household. If you lose ideas, you can search for various templates on the internet. Generally, they are customizable so you just have to edit the information according to the data you have. You can also make it in Excel.

2. Get to know the product

You may know the types of products in general, but don’t know how to identify them. Start by noting more specific descriptions such as their size, color, type and others. You can also categorize items such as furniture, home supplies, or electronics. This identification is very necessary so that the types of goods are not exchanged.

3. Quantity in and out

The most important thing in the inventory process is how goods are in and out. For those of you who do business in the supply sector, you need to make a sheet like this. Calculate the number of items when starting and ending the day. Is there an increase or decrease in items and how the flow of the items moves in the warehouse.

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When making inventory sheet templates, make sure you describe it as specifically as possible. This avoids confusion when the inspector verifies the goods. To make it easier, you can separate item categories by model or by type so that it’s easy to understand.

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