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6+ Inventory Count Sheet Template

If you have a business related to the availability of goods, then the calculation is always done when starting and ending the work day. In the process, you need an inventory count sheet. This sheet is used to ensure that the number of items matches the item list. Here are some samples that you can use.

Sample Restaurant Inventory Count Sheet

Kind of Inventory Count Sheet

1. Stock inventory

This one sheet is widely used to ensure the amount of stock in the warehouse or supermarket. The header in the table contains date, department name and counted by information. While the table consists of several columns such as item name, description, quantity and its location. Sheets are suitable as daily worksheets.

2. Restaurant inventory

A restaurant must carry out an inventory every working hour. Items that are counted are food stocks in dry storage or fridge. Each item is written with a complete description along with the purchase unit. The purpose of the inventory calculation is so that the available stock does not run out in the middle of working hours.

3. Public school

Schools also often do inventory calculations regularly. Generally done once a month to ensure items in class are not lost. Each sheet represents one room or one class calculation. Checked items include the number of tables, chairs, cabinets, blackboards, etc.

Inventory Count Procedure

1. Freeze the activities

When the calculation will be done, it is better that the state of the space to be calculated is frozen. No one other than the inspection team will count the items. This prevents errors or errors in counting. Each item should be counted twice by different inventory teams, so there is data verification.

2. Preview

When an inventory performs calculations, it is recommended that the sheet include a preview column. This column contains the previous calculations that will be reviewed by other team members. A preview is also done when the item has the possibility to enter the box so that it will be more difficult to count. Make sure all data to be previewed is complete.

3. Highlight the area

For a large aea, calculations might even take a long time. If there isn’t a lot of inventory team, you can highlight the area. Highlights aim to indicate which part has been calculated. This prevents calculations more than once which will spend more time.

Sample Stock Inventory Count Sheet Sample Supply Inventory Count Sheet Sample Count Sheet for Physical Inventory Sample Literature Inventory Count Sheet Sample Public School Inventory Count Sheet

The final part of this process is evaluation. Inventory count sheet can be used as a reference and decision making such as adding items or maybe reducing them. Sheets can also be used as an archive to determine future decisions related to business continuity. A neat record can facilitate your business in terms of supply.

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