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10+ Interoffice Memo Easily

6 Steps to Create Proper Interoffice Memo Easily

If you are working within a team you may notice that sometimes you need to leave an interoffice memo for your colleagues at your office. This memo is not just a memo because sometimes it can be formal and should be written clearly.  Although there is an informal interoffice memorandum, this type is still about business and it is for the public. It means you need to know about it more.

Inter Office Memo templates

Knowing Your Interoffice Memo

Probably you have seen this before but you don’t have any idea about it. This kind of memo is a written memo that you will find in your office. Your manager or supervisor usually the one who writes it for all the staff or co-worker.

Student Grads Interoffice Memo templates

Writing interoffice memo has many purposes such as to update new projects, bring an important message or to remind upcoming project or agenda. Since this memo is usually used for business purpose, it is important to notice how to write. There is a proper format that you need to understand so your memo is understandable enough as a communication tool. It is also to make sure that your co-worker or staffs receive the information clearly.

Guide to Write Memo

After you know the definition, now it is time for you to follow the steps to make a proper memo for your colleagues in your office.

  1. The first thing is to prepare the paper type, many people choose A4 or US Letter size. You can choose it depends on the text you will write. This business memo is usually in a printed paper which means you need to type it.
  2. When you start working on it, do not forget to write “memo” at the top side of the paper. You can choose to write it on the left or center side of the paper. Make it bold so your colleagues easily notice that it is important.
  3. After that, write the date, subject, to and from in separated line. These four things are important and every business memo should contain those three words. Make sure you write these four words clearly and avoid typo when you write for those four.
  4. The next thing you should notice when you write an interoffice memo is to write some short introduction about your memo. The better introduction is the one that contains the information of who, where, when and why of a thing you try to communicate.
  5. After that, explain about it in simple and clear words. Add any certain information that you want them to know. And the last, do not forget to write thanking message and some additional information such as a deadline.
  6. The last thing you need to maintain a professional tone and make sure that your language is formal and easy to understand. Never put any personal statement on your memo. It is also important to keep in mind that you may highlight the important part of the memo.  templates for Interoffice Memo Ambulatory Surgery Interoffice Memorandum templates in Faculty Interoffice Leave Memo templates in Geo Technical Interoffice Memo Initial Disclosure of Interoffice Memo Inter Office Memo templates Example Interoffice Leagal Memo Word Document Procurement Interoffice Memo Word Document

Avoid grammar error and typos because a number of people will read it. You can try to browse the sample of an interoffice memo or even the template so you can create on your own.

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