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7+ Home Inventory Worksheet Template

Inventory is a common activity carried out by a household. Usually, this activity is carried out once a year to find out what items are bought or thrown away. In the process, you need a home inventory worksheet. Sheet consists of several columns to describe all items that you have at home.

Sample Living Room Inventory Worksheet

Home Inventory Worksheet Template

1. Item Description

The main part of the table is the item description. You can list the names of items in general such as a desk or computer. Then, write the brand name like a Mac 17″ computer. Group items alphabetically by the name of the object.

2. Room and location

Each object usually does not have a specific location category. For example a television can be placed in the bedroom and living room. Therefore, a room or location column is needed to facilitate an inventory.

3. Categories and Models

Home inventory has certain categories, for example electronics and home furniture. Include the categories and models of each item recorded. For example, a microwave into the electronic category, while the bed included in the furniture.

4. Purchase date

Every time you buy a new item, don’t forget to include the purchase date. This is so that you know the validity period of the use of an item. For example a television, generally used for up to 5 years. If it has been damaged from its lifetime, maybe you can consider the brand in the next purchase.

How to Create It Effectively

1. Choose the Spreadsheet

You can find various spreadsheets to record home inventory online. Choose a sheet that is customizable so it’s easy to edit. If you want a simpler sheet, use Excel because you can make your own as you wish.

2. List and photos

After having the right spreadsheet, start by making a list of all the items you have. Write down the type of item, model and serial, purchase date, model and its location. In addition to making a list, you also need to take photos of items. The goal is that if an unwanted disaster occurs, you can easily make a claim.

3. Make the copy

Don’t leave inventory records just one sheet. You need to save a copy that is placed separately. It would be better if there is a digital copy stored in memory like Gdrive. When needed, you only need to print it or edit it.

Sample Living Room Items Inventory Worksheet Sample printable home inventory worksheet Sample Room Inventory Worksheet Sample Insurance Agency Home Inventory Worksheet Sample Insurance home contents inventory worksheet Sample insurance home inventory worksheet

Not only knowing the types of valuables, inventory can also be used to apply for insurance. When there is a disaster or an unwanted thing, you don’t experience a big loss. Home inventory worksheet will make it easier for you to control your possessions, especially valuable items.

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