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10+ Home Inspection Checklist Template

Whether you are buying a new house or selling one, a home inspection is a step you cannot miss. The home inspection is a close examination of the aspects and systems of the house to prove that it can be lived in. Home inspection checklist template range from the foundation of the house to the rooftop. This article will show you what is covered in the home inspection process.

Sample Rental Home Inspection Checklist Template 1

Foundation or Grounds

This first step of the home inspection checklist template is one of the most important steps as the ground is the base of the house. First, from the outside, driveways, sidewalks, patios, and exterior structures must be in good condition. There must be proper drainage away from the house, no leaks from the septic tank, and no bushes touching the house or overhanging from the roof.

Electrical and Heating/Cooling System

Electrical and heating/cooling system is important for the safety of people residing in the house. You need to make sure all the visible wiring is in good condition and there are no exposed splices and that all cables are safe and secured. The heating and cooling system must operate appropriately. There should be no rust and no combustion gas odor. All the air filters and ductwork must be clean and in good condition.

Sample Total Home Inspection Checklist Template

Bathrooms, Kitchen, and Plumbing

For the bathrooms, all sink, tub, and shower must drain properly. The plumbing and cabinet floor under the sink must work in good condition. The toilets must be stable and operate properly. For the kitchen, there should be GFCI protection for electrical outlets within 6 feet of the sink. The cabinets and built-in appliances must be in good condition and operate properly.

Interiors and Exteriors

In the interior and exterior of the house, the floors, walls, and ceilings must appear straight and level. There should be no stains on any surface and no cracks on the walls and ceilings. All paints and wallpapers must be in good condition. In the exterior, there should be no vines on the surface nor paint stain.

Windows and Doors

There should not be broken glass both on windows or storm panes, no damaged screens, and no cracks. The wood frames and trim pieces should be safe and secured so it will not endanger the people. The recommendation is to use storm windows or thermal glass and drip caps installed on windows.

Roof and Attic

On the last one of the home inspection checklist template, there should be no stain on the underside of roofing. The wood must be in good condition. There should be no mold, rot, or decay. On the attic, there must be no evidence of damage in the structure. There should be proper ventilation and no open electrical splices in the attic.

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A home inspection checklist template is important for those who are selling or buying a house. You can determine on closing a deal by having a good grasp of the overall condition of the house. This knowledge also prevents you from unknown damage in the future and gives protection on your property.

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