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3+ Home Budget Worksheet Template

Determination of the budget is very important in the scope of the household. This includes healthy financial activities. To make it easier, you need to use a home budget worksheet. In addition to being able to estimate the total amount of money that must be spent, you can also conduct an evaluation so that in the future the calculation can be more efficient.

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Home Budget Worksheet Template

1. Income

In the sheet, you need to write income. Make a list of your income that might be more than one. Write down the frequency which can be weekly, monthly or annually. The other column is the total amount obtained in one frequency.

2. Housing expenses

The second table is a list of housing expenses. This table only covers the budget that you must spend on wholes such as rent or mortgage and maintenance. If you have your own home, maybe a list of maintenance will be quite a lot. Every month there is a part that requires maintenance to be replaced with other parts.

3. Utility expenses

This one expenditure you must pay every month or year, depending on the frequency you choose. Payment for utilities includes natural gas, water, and electricity. Some utilities also include personal, such as medical, glasses, special care, and insurance. You need to make it into monthly frequencies so that expenses can be expected.

Home Budget Tips

1. Start from zero

Budget calculations should ideally be done at the beginning of the month or after you receive monthly income. The aim is to facilitate calculation and estimate the total to be issued. Start by making a list of expenses such as utilities, food, transportation, entertainment and more.

2. Do it together

Creating a budget framework needs to be done together if you are married. You need to discuss with your partner about spending that is fixed and unexpected. Especially if you have children, maybe you need to openly convey a budgeted. Doing it together relates to transparency between family members.

3. Start from priority

Don’t let your desires take over so that your budget is running low. Start by noting the things that are the priority in your life. Utilities become the most important thing because they must be paid every month. Then, record basic needs such as a food budget. Don’t forget to keep aside some to save.

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Home budget worksheet need to be made monthly so you can make comparisons. Spending every month will surely vary. But you need to introspect if you feel that too much money has been spent. The worksheet will act as a control so that you will no longer be wasteful in the future.

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