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Harassment Investigation Checklist Template

 Explanation of Harassment Investigation Checklist

All of the people must have something wrong in their life. It can make them feel anxious and panic to live a life. That is diagnosed that the person had been harassed. You can check their condition by using a harassment investigation checklist that can be made due to your need. This can be an amateur that can be tried by you, but you have to be careful by doing this activity.


What is the Investigation of harassment?

The investigation is a systemic activity for searching for some facts about the case of criminals. It is done because the case was complicated. The investigation must, informal form and official. So, this activity can just be taken place by someone who belongs to investigate something. Investigation of harassment means you have to find the fact in the sexual cases.

How to Write Harassment Investigation Checklist

  1. Identifying the Victims

The first thing to do is identifying the victims. You have to find the facts form victim-witness because you have to find the actual data. Next, you have to write the key tasks and some questions that can be used by you for asking the victim.

  1. Classification of the Information

The next step is you have to make information and problem classifications of victims’ witnesses. It can be made by making a list of questions. So, you have to make brief information in advance before making a problem classification.


Tips for Making the Harassment Investigation Checklist

If you have taken the case for the first time. You will feel confused and panic because you don’t have an idea. Hence, you have to make an investigation checklist for creating an organized job. Tips for making the checklist document is you have to know the whole information in advance, don’t ever judge the victim. Just write what they said.


The Important Element in Harassment Investigation Checklist

There are several elements that have to be attached in the investigation document. You have to show the name, the case, the address, the sex of the victim, the data of the report, and the contact person of the victim. Next, you have to attach the element whole of the case in detail.


The Important Things in Investigation of Harassment Checklist

Some victims often feel no trust in other people, because they are shy to tell their fact story. You have to protect their story for keeping it into a fact. The data form the victim must not share for the public, and publishing it is a big ban.


Selecting the Right Investigator for doing Harassment Investigation

The last explanation is you have to choose the right investigation for doing harassment investigation. It is done to make your case clear and run well. The investigator must make an investigation checklist about harassment in advance after knowing some facts from victims.

Harassment Investigation Checklist Template 1 Harassment Investigation Checklist Template1

That is all the explanation about checklist investigation for harassment that can be made by an expert. You can read the policy in advance before handling this case. Don’t forget to attach the important element in advance before making this document and protecting their data because it is a must.

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