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4+ Grocery List Templates

5 Grocery List Templates to Shop Wiser

A grocery list template comes to solve most women’s problem when they are shopping. You might be one of them who like to buy without good planning. So, you buy many items where some of them are not too important for you. You might have ever gone to the store with a planning buy there are a lot of goods tempts you. It is the problem of all women and also some men. Surely, it is not good for your finance at more expense. Create a  grocery list template is the only solution to save money.

Grocery List Templates

Here are the Reasons why do you need a Grocery List Template

Commonly, the grocery list template contains about the things that you want to buy. It is such as foods, beverages, vegetables, snacks, and many else. Some people add the category and the price. Formerly, you might make the grocery list manually with paper and pen. Nowadays, you can do it faster and practice both in Word doc and on an online website. Actually, the goal of the shopping list is more than that. In detail, here are 3 reasons to use the template of  grocery list:

  • You only buy according to the list so that your spending money is suitable for your planning. It avoids you to buy unimportant things.
  • Making a template in Words let you be more creative and you are free to insert any items directly.
  • Both online and Word format, the character is editable. So, you quite add or delete the list according to your desire.

Printable Template Designs for your Grocery List

To save time, open your gadget and find the grocery list that you want. The following are some grocery list template designs for you:

  1. Free basic grocery list

It is a white paper list of food for your daily need. The grocery list may consist of bread, meat, and foods that you usually eat. You can save it in PDF and Words formats.

  1. Printable grocery list

The list is more complex than the previous item. The format that can be in the form Word and PDF has many categories. It usually consists of meat, vegetables, fruit, fish& seafood, and grain/ protein. Each category gives a complete food list.

  1. A blank paper food list

This template has a tidier arrangement but it only shows the category. It implies you must write the foods alone base on the category. By the way, you may print it before your note the food. Generally, there are  15 categories on the paper such as

breakfast/ cereal, bread/ pasta, dairy products, drinks, fruits, and vegetables. You can also write meats/ seafood, deli, dresser, frozen food, toiletries, cans/ jars, products, paper/ plastic, and others.

  1. Big grocery list

List template comes for you who usually do monthly shopping. It has 9 category where it is available in PDF and Words too. The categories consist of meat/ poultry/ fish, cheese/ egg/ yogurt, cracker/ cookie,  deli, and dressing/ oil. Then, there is bread, cooking items, and frozen.

  1. Healthy grocery list

The template comes in two columns in one paper. Each column is for produces, bread& backing, frozen, snack& drink, canned foods, baby, and many else. Here, you need to write the foods itself.

Grocery List Templates1 Grocery List Templates2 Grocery List Templates3

Overall, there are7 designs of the grocery list templates. You still can use cheap grocery list and the black vegan grocery list. Hopefully, the templates above make you wiser in shopping.

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