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4+ Google Spreadsheet Template

Smartsheets have various types with different usage goals. This sheet is called a Google spreadsheet template. The most commonly used types are to-do lists, invoices, project timelines, and so on. Another convenience that is felt by the user is that the template can be changed according to the needs of both personal and business.

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Google Spreadsheet Template

1. Project purpose

This sheet is most popular because it helps users to determine priorities. You will be asked to make a list of all steps that must be performed, time, deadline, progress status, and description. Then, the template will be used as project evaluation material with the team about the extent of the process.

2. Inventory purpose

It is important for a business to keep all inventory updated. This becomes transparency between business owners and employees, and also facilitates calculations. Besides recording various stock levels, sheets generally also include information such as locations and product orders. For those of you who have a warehouse or business supply, this sheet really helps you.

3. Business budget purpose

Budget projections are not only done by business people, but also personal needs. For those of you who want to calculate expenses and do a budget comparison, you should use this sheet. A sheet consists of many columns that must be filled in regarding budget information. After that you can start calculating the total like using Excel.

The Keys in Google Sheet

1. Arrows

You can use arrows up and down to move the cursor on the formula. If the formula is very long, it will be difficult for you to move it. Up arrow is used to designate the first part of the formula. Instead, the down arrow is used to designate the end of the formula.

2. The F2 Key

F2 button has a function that is quite versatile. First, you can press it to see the formula in the cell. Another function of this key is to highlight. If you click on a cell with a formula, the part of the range that is the source of the calculation will automatically highlight. That way, you can find out which data is calculated.

3. The Escape Key

Not only in Excel, the function of this one key is also the same in Google spreadsheets. Use it if you click out of the formula. As a result, you will see a result view. But you need to save again when using this key because the automatic changes are saved.

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Besides multipurpose, the Google spreadsheet template also comes with various features. Generally, if you are accustomed to using Excel then it will be easy to create templates from Google spreadsheets. After creating a sheet, you simply upload it to Gdrive to share with your business team.

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