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10+ Generic Cover Sheet Template

Some companies still use fax as a communication tool. Documents can be printed directly on the device so it is more practical. A printed sheet is called a generic cover sheet. Uniquely, you can customize the cover sheet that will be sent to the recipient. Here are some sample templates that are commonly used by companies.

Sample Doctor Office Generic Fax Cover Sheet Template Word Doc

Generic Cover Sheet Template

1. Doctor Office

The generic cover for the doctor office consists of five parts. The first chart is a box that contains information in the form of date, page of, reason, and the nature of the fax which is urgent or not. The second and third boxes are information for the sender and the purpose of the letter. The fourth box is the information released.

2. General company

Generic cover displays for companies are far more common. The header chart must contain the company nam, address, website or email. The fax destination section contains the name, telephone and subject. While the sender’s information contains the sender’s name, the number of pages, the date, and to whom the fax was copied-carbon.

3. Resume to Follow

Generic cover types for resume are different from general cover. You must include “Job Applicant” as the header followed by basic information such as phone, fax, and address. The cover information section includes the date, recipient’s name, job title, total pages, sender, and department. In the message section, you need to use the introduction of a resume service.

Creating Generic Cover Sheet

1. Choose one template

Browse templates that suit your needs. After that, make adjustments in Microsoft Word by relying on preview tools. If the template has deficiencies such as pieces of information that need to be added, then add it yourself. Afterwards, click “Create” so that you can edit the contents.

2. Don’t be too crowd

Effective faxes generally have a short message note. It is better if you make it only in one page. The information section written in it also needs to be kept short as long as it consists of the sender and recipient, along with the department, address and number that can be contacted.

3. Use the sections

Use sections to separate information. Sections can be created using tables or boxes, so that the information conveyed becomes clear. For example, the sender’s and recipient’s information is in a separate box. Likewise with the contents of the fax cover and introduction which should be divided into 2 boxes.

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The contents of generic cover sheet are generally delivered briefly and straightforward. But it is better if you make sheets with better design so they are easy to read and understand. An attractive design will also facilitate the recipient in capturing the contents of the message you convey.

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